Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ice Cream Anyone?

I wonder if this is the reason my mother prefers "snail" mail?

My mother is a character. At 85 years young she is in better shape than her children! At least this daughter! She has never had surgery, no "major" illnesses, still drives, and just this summer she finally gave up mowing the lawn (with a push mower)! She won't have a computer so of course no email. It's a shame her children didn't inherit her love for letter writing. So, since none of us write letters, and we can't email or blog her, we telephone our mother. Although for me it's always been to hear her voice. I have lived so far from home for over 32 years that I get home sick for my mothers voice. Although these days I do have to repeat myself several times, but that's okay, I am blessed...I still have a mother. The other day I called my mom. I let the phone ring 8 times and no answer, so I hung up. About ten minutes later my mom calls me and asks "did you just call me?" Knowing that she doesn't have caller ID I was a little puzzled that she would know it was me. She said, "I was thinking about calling you today as well." Great minds think alike. My mother proceeded to tell me why she didn't get to the phone on time. I love this! She was eating ice cream. It took her a bit to get up from her chair. Not wanting to let her ice cream melt she went to the freezer to put her bowl in. By the time she got to the phone I had already hung up. Now mind you, most people would answer the phone, then ask the other person to hold on a minute while they put their ice cream away...not my mom! Her first thought...protect my ice cream at all cost! We had a good laugh over this. Yes, we "Doty" women (my grandmother's maiden name) know what's important... our sweets!


Marsha said...

We need teach our Mother to say no to crack!

Denise said...

Protect our sweets at all cost!! lol

Michele Williams said...

I almost titled the post, Crack or Ice Cream.... We're bad!

Missy said...

That brought a little "Doty" tear to my eyes.
But it also made me laugh! And, I just finished an Ice Cream cone myself!!! :)