Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monkey Business - I Love You Sis!

You need to mute the playlist on the side bar to listen to this.

I Love You Sis!
No, this is not a picture of me! Though some may say there is a resemblance. HA! HA! My daughter thinks I'm crazy. (Yes, Marsha, I know, what else is new!) I spent the day searching for the perfect blog template and tonight I found this one. I literally searched for hours through thousands of templates and I chose this one. Crazy? A little. That's me! Besides the Lord and my family, I also love roses, chocolate, ice cream, pink and yes...monkeys!

When I was little my sister played a cruel joke on me....yes, Marsha... Knowing how much I loved monkeys she excitedly told me that I was getting a monkey for my birthday. She even crossed her heart! I know... shame on her! When the day arrived and I was opening my birthday gifts, my sister was smiling from ear to ear. I looked around, I didn't hear or see any monkeys, but there was one more gift to open. As I tore into the package there was a monkey...a two foot tall stuffed chimp named Chester, who had a pull string on one side. I was quite disappointed that I did not get a real live monkey as I was promised by my much older sister (got you sis!). I started to cry. My sister, putting one more nail on the coffin grinning said, "Pull the string Michele, it will make you feel better." I pulled the string and Chester the chimp, in an Irish accent no less said, "My, how marvelous it is how much we look alike!" I threw the monkey down and ran to my room crying. I'm not sure exactly whose idea it was to get me Chester, but he became my most trusted friend growing up as I would hold him in times of troubles and he would always bring a welcomed smile to my face. So Marsha… thanks for Chester. I now drive my family crazy making wild monkey noises…with an Irish broll.

So what do you think about the blog template? Notice I didn't ask if you think I'm crazy. Oh, and yes, only half the monkey is suppose to show.

Chimps doing the Irish/River Dance (to listen you need to mute the play list on side)


HEATHER said...

I now know where I got my craziness from...ha-ha. Well, least your craziness makes us laugh don’t forget you do the Wizard of Oz characters pretty good to like the witch and lion.
Love You Mom

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing that story with us, Marsha was a little stinker!! lol I love your new blog look sweetie, I was singing along with the monkeys. Woo Hoo!!

Michele Williams said...

Oh, yes, my sis was the typical big sister and loved pulling pranks on people. Still does! She has a great sense of humor. Unfortunately it was at times at my expense! ha ha! I love you Marsha.

Marsha said...

His name was Chester O'Chimp. I thought Mom and I did a great job of compromise since we couldn't get the real thing.

I love your new blog look. Very you.

Michele Williams said...

That's right! Chester O'Chimp! How could I forget! Did you sing along with the Monkeys? Oh, and Marsha, that kiss was for you! Having to put up with your little sister tagging along with you everywhere and embarassing you with all my silly impressions in front of your friends. I was a little stinker too! HaHA!!
Love, Michele

Missy said...

I am now singing the "Sisters" song!
I never heard that story...keep em coming!

Marsha said...

I forgot to tell you that Lana and Logan LOVED watching that video of the dancing monkeys. They just thought it was great.

Michele Williams said...

I'm glad the grandkids enjoyed the video. What did they think of their stinker of a grandmother? haha!