Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Funnies

Thoughts are always popping in and out of my little brain. Even when I am talking, sometimes mid sentence, I loose my train of thought and "pop" I can't remember what I was talking about! lol. When one has ADD, then on top of that you add what many with Fibromyalia call, "Fibro Fog", then you add medications, and top it off with "Senior Moments" (only 50 years old though) it's a wonder I have any peace of mind at all! lol. Or should I say, piece of a mind. lol

The other evening I was filling my weekly medication case. You know, those blue cases that have the days of the week along with morning, noon, evening, and bedtime written on the case. When I was finished I held up two medication bottles I said to my hubby, "I need to call in refills". My hubby, replied, "what are you talking about?" I answered, "I need to call in refills". Again, my hubby replies, "WHAT are YOU trying to say?" Now, getting a bit irritated at Jim I replied, "What part of what of said do YOU not understand?!!!!" Jim, knowing I had no idea of what I kept saying to him, kindly replies, "Honey, think about what you just said." Being a bit aggravated by now, I went back into my memory bank (which doesn't have much to begin with!), I started to laugh along with my husband. What was so amusing? I thought I said refills, instead I said, "I need to call in reruns!" lol... I think I am watching to much TV (Olympics) at night!

So, the point of the story? Don't believe everything you think or even think you sasid; your mind can be playing tricks on you! lol!!!


Marsha said...

THAT'S a good one!

Denise said...

HA, love it.

luvmy4sons said...

Did you misspell "said" in that last line on purpose...if not it fit the post! It sticks in my craw when I misspeak and hubby points it out; but I always laugh! I do it a lot! Talk too fast! Too funny!