Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's Funnies - Laughter Can Be Great Medicine!! Ever Have A Dentist Like This?

Please make sure you scroll down to end of blog and mute my playlist before you watch this hillarious video with Tim Conway. Enjoy. I can remember when this was first aired! I must be getting old! HA!


Denise said...

lol, funny

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh Michele, that was SO funny...thanks for sharing! I enjoyed that this morning.

Harvey Corman was making me laugh as much as Tim was!! :-)

Michele W. said...

Yes, Tim's plan in every sketch was to make Harvey crack up. It worked almost every time. This video proves that you don't need to be volgar to be funny. I used to love to watch the Carol Burnet show and other variety shows years ago. Today you can hardly watch anything on TV without sex, drugs, violence, or cursing.

Well that's my soap box! Sorry about that!! lol!!!!

I hope you all enjoy this video.

Marsha said...

This has always been one of my favorite comedy sketches of all time!

Thanks for the laughs - and the memories.

BP said...

That's great! I haven't ever seen it!!