Friday, August 22, 2008

Help For The Hurting - Pornography

Filtering the Web

Filtering ISPs and Software
Filtering Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and software work by blocking sites and e-mail containing certain words or pictures. They help to break the cycle of addiction, but are only aids—and aren't foolproof. These filters aren't meant to replace human accountability and responsibility.

Integrity Online
One of the largest filtered ISPs;
$21.95 per month

Setting Captives Free
Offers both a filtered ISP for $17.95 per month and filtering software for a one-time charge
Offers filtered and unfiltered Internet service for $17.95 per month, or filtering for a current DSL, LAN, or cable service for $14.95

Accountability Programs
These programs track websites you visit and send a list of them to a person of your choosing.

Covenant Eyes

Offers online accountability starting at $6.95 per month (endorsed by Focus on the Family and Promise Keepers)

X3watch Accountability Software
Free program sponsored by, an antiporn site aimed mostly at teens


Resources for Healing

A number of organizations offer confidential help. Check out their websites for additional information.


Woodmont Hills Counseling Ministry
Offers workshops and a private counseling center that specializes in sexual addictions, especially in women
866-464-HEAL (toll-free)

Faithful & True Ministries
Ministries for sexual wholeness, counseling, and consultation

National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity
Offers information, resources, and referrals

Pure Intimacy (Focus on the Family)
Offers information on pornography and sexual addiction

Pure Life Ministries
Aimed mostly at helping men, but some women have found help through their programs directed at breaking free from sexual sin

Setting Captives Free
Offers online programs to help believers break free from addictive sins, including pornography


Addicted to Love by Stephen Arterburn (Servant)

Every Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge (WaterBrook)

No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Shame by Marnie Ferree (Xulon)

Hidden Dangers of the Internet by Gregory Jantz (Harold Shaw)

Faithful and True: Sexual Integrity in a Fallen World by Mark Laaser (Zondervan)

Breaking Free: Understanding Sexual Addiction and the Healing Power of Jesus by Bob Davies and Russell Willingham (InterVarsity)


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