Friday, August 22, 2008

Help for the Hurting–Abuse (Domestic)


Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services
To provide educational counseling and awareness to individuals faced with domestic abuse. Using biblical principles, we encourage beliefs and behaviors that heal and promote healthy life styles.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Offers resources and help for domestic violence victims.

Christian Survivors Ministries
We are an active community for survivors of all types of abuse. Our aim is to bring friendship and support to survivors in need, and ultimately to help one another come to a place of healing in our lives!

Focus Ministries
Domestic violence and spousal abuse help for women.

Safe Place Ministries
Christians addressing family abuse.

Carolyn Brooks Ministries
Carolyn is a dynamic and powerful speaker who is inspiring audiences around the country to reach up and with God achieve the impossible. Her message of healing and hope has led many to Christ and to complete healing and wholeness. Carolyn shares her personal journey of overcoming the generational cycle of abuse. Carolyn has co-authored three books and her latest book projectis “Breaking The Silent Addiction - Why Women Settle For A Frog When A Prince Is Coming.”

Billy Graham’s Association has some excellent resources on crisis situations, including abuse, grief and suffering. I encourage everyone to visit this link:

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