Saturday, August 23, 2008

Help for the Hurting–Divorce


Domestic Violence Help Domestic Abuse - Focus Ministries

My Divorce Recovery Site
Most highly recommended—A very sensitive and personal site with much compassionate understanding. Excellent material here from someone who has been through it:

A website of Focus on the Family. Immediate help. Long-term


Billy Graham’s Association has some excellent resources on crisis situations, grief and suffering. I encourage everyone to visit this link:

Fresh Start Seminars
Fresh Start Seminars is a Christian ministry whose purpose is to touch the lives of the separated and divorced. We minister to both children and adults through seminars, support groups, books and tapes. This website is designed to make our seminars and resources readily available to

Helpful Materials to order from Christianity Today:Dealing with DivorceDivorce RecoverySingle Parenting

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