Sunday, August 3, 2008

Special Helps for Caregivers

Family Caregiver NavigatorThis state-by-state resource listing is brought to you by the Family Caregiver Alliance, and is designed to help family caregivers locate local government, non-profit, and private resources.

Caringbridge CaringBridge(R) is a nonprofit organization offering free personalized websites that allow people to stay in touch with family and friends during a health crisis, treatment and recovery. The goal of the service is to ease the burden of keeping friends and family updated, while also providing a way for them to send their love, support and encouragement.

CarepagesKeep Them in the Know – inform others about your Ill Spouse and your caregiving. From you can use your very own private area to publish information for family and friends about the situation for you and your Ill Spouse.

LotsaHelpingHands “What Can I Do To Help?” - Lotsa Helping Hands enables you to set up a private group calendar, specifically designed for organizing helpers, where everyone - friends, family, colleagues and neighbors - can pitch in with meal delivery, rides, and other tasks necessary for life to run smoothly during a crisis.

Information is kept private to yourself and your invitees only. They are notified of your updates by e-mail and must then click on a link in the private e-mail and log in to go to the site to read the latest news. A feature of these two partnerships is that you and your invited visitors will also see the WSA logo on your pages, and can click on it to go to the WSA site.

Fifty and Furthermore As a psychologist and former spousal caregiver, Dr. Dorree Lynn has almost four decades of experience listening to people's stories, journeying with my clients through job changes, marriages, divorces, illnesses, births, and deaths. As the title suggests, the site is aimed at those who are 50 or older, but when Dr. Lynn addressed the Well Spouse Association's 19th Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 20, 2007, she showed us that she knows what it's like to care for one's husband, wife or partner.

Imerman Angels One on One Cancer Support: Connecting Cancer Fighters, Survivors and Caregivers. Extract from a letter from founder Jonny Imerman, "I wondered: "What if every cancer fighter could talk to a cancer survivor, who not only had beaten the same type of cancer, but who also was the same age and gender as the fighter? The cancer survivor would be an angel walking, living proof that the fighter could win too. What an amazing connection." Imerman Angels also matches caregivers of cancer fighters to other caregivers.

National Students of AMF (Ailing Mothers & Fathers) Support Network The National Students of AMF (Ailing Mothers & Fathers) Support Network is a national, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support all college students who have a parent with terminal illness, empower all college students to get involved in the fight against terminal llnesses, and raise awareness about the needs of grieving college students. If you do not already have a Username and Password for some of the sites below, they will ask you to join as a new member, there's no charge. Once you have joined, you (and others who join after receiving an invitation from you) will be able to go to your private area on the site.

Life of A Well Spouse Blog (on Carepages)Spousal caregiving 101 from a former well spouse and current President of the Well Spouse Association, Richard Anderson.

Remembering Self for the Well Spouse blogWelcome to Remembering Self for the Well Spouse; a blog offering hope, sustenance, self-care advice and coping strategies for the well spouse*; for women and men with partners/spouses suffering from a chronic illness. This blog will be a reminder of the importance of extreme self-care and responsibility of self during challenging times. As a previous spousal caretaker and current health counselor, I offer a light to illuminate the all-consuming darkness of your partner's diagnosis; of your mutual struggle and loss. Chock full of useful tips and strategies and peppered with personal experience, Remembering Self for the Well Spouse is a place to find compassion and support during the adjustment period and the rest of your life.

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