Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tag You're It!!!

Tag Game #1
My friends Denise and Gracey tagged me. The rules are simple, Google your first name with the word needs behind it (or after your name). List the first 10 results.

My results:
Michele needs prayer; (now this is true)
Michele needs to create names for her imaginary friends; (humm, I thought I had names for all of them? lol)
Michele needs surgery; (I hope not!)
Michele needs an in house adoption; (what is this?)
Michele needs a drink; (hummm sounds good to me... I'm only kidding ladies!)
Michele needs to calculate hay needs for one horse; (What would I need this for? Am I getting a horse Jim?)
Michele needs and wants a small victory; (so true!)
Michele needs to do something real; (Hey, now, this is getting
Michele needs help adjusting her body regularly; (adjusting it to what? a new body? yeah!)
Michele needs your help; (Amen for that one!)
Michele needs Intellectual Property; (Humm I didn't know property was smart?)
Michele needs an Extreme Makeover; (I like that idea!)
Michele needs these Victorian knickers? (oh yeah, I would look great!)
Michele needs only 48 women to donate $500.00 each (now were talking! LOL anyone want to donate? lol)

Okay, I'm finished. I got carried away with the search. This was funny! I tag anyone who would like to do this. Please let me know if you are going to participate. I'd love to read your Google results! Make sure you link back to me!

Do not forget to put your link in the chain, copy it, and tag at least 5 people to do this TAG too.

Google Search: 1. Denise, 2. Colored Heart, 3)Michele 4)Your Name with link here

I tag: Heather, Marsha, Missy, BP,


Denise said...

I love these, lol

Marsha said...

I can't wait to Google my name! The needs list would have to include a frontal labotomy! LOL!

Missy said...

Ooh, that looks like fun...I may try that one. I just did the other one on my blog.

Aren't we just a wierdly interseting group of people ;)

Colored Heart said...

MICHELE!!! This is so funny!!!
Thanks for doing this.:)
This is VERY entertaining. I read it twice! So cool.

By the way, could you make a chain link with this? Something like this:
1. Denise
2. Colored Heart
3. Michele

And tag 5 people, and let them know they're tagged. In this way, the chain will grow. Hope this is not much work to do.

Thanks again. I had fun doing it and reading yours and others' posts on this.:)

Colored Heart said...

Hi, I'm back. So sorry for the delay. I was busy emailing and blogging at multiply where most of my church mates are actively blogging.

I will do it in my post TAGGED: GOOGLE SEARCH so you can copy. Have 5 people in mind whom you will intentionally tag for this particular tag.

See you! {hugs} I still can't get over the Michele needs money!:D Very funny!