Sunday, September 21, 2008

5 Ways To Create Clear Positive Thoughts To Help Relieve Pain

5 Ways to Create Clear Positive Thoughts to Help Relieve Pain
by Lisa Copen

If chronic pain has got you down, it's understandable but not an emotional state you need to live in forever. With just a few little changes in your life today you can form clear positive thoughts to help relieve pain.

1) Stop off at the pet store before coming home from the doctor's office just to watch the animals. Twenty minute smiling through the glass at the puppies, kittens or even the little hamsters spinning on their wheels, can give you a better outlook on life. Research has proven that pets have a special place in our emotional well-being, decreasing our stress, improving our health, and even assisting us in healing from surgeries even faster. There are many reasons that pet facilitated therapy health care has become so widely accepted. It's been proven that pet owners with chronic and terminal illness actually are healthier people.

2) When was the last time you heard a song that was your favorite back in high school? Start putting together a collection of your favorite songs. The new ipod shuffle recently dropped in price to just $50 and it holds about 250 songs. This little device is around the size of a cracker, yet it can increase your energy level exponentially. Research has found that listening to music for just twenty minutes a day can decrease one's level of pain. Researchers have also found the beneficial effects of music listening on healing in children. So start putting together a list of the songs you eventually will want to download and ask people to give you itunes cards as gifts. Son you will have a wide variety of songs that will inspire you, spur childhood memories, provide energy, hope, and maybe even a desire to get up and dance, even if you just dance around the kitchen floor with a broom.

3) Join some kids for video games. Results of study from Wheeling Jesuit University discovered that video games actually have the ability to distract someone's attention from pain, even children. An organization called Games for Health was recently been formed to build relationships between researchers, medical professionals, and game developers. Here they can share information about how video games will impact technologies even health care and policy. Don't be surprised if your physical therapist has you playing ten minutes of a Wii game like bowling or tennis.

4) Buy a coloring book and splurge on a big box of crayons. If you don't have children, odds are it's been years since you have felt the thrill of a freshly sharpened crayon in your hand. And you are no longer limited to coloring books you can find at your local store. Just about any topic online has coloring pages from American civil war coloring book pictures to wedding coloring books and leprechaun coloring books. And if your family needs a fund reminder, print out a handwashing coloring book.

5) Bring some fresh flowers inside the house. Take a hint from royalty and place them in each room, even a bud in a small vase in your bathroom. Fresh flowers blended with fruit and musk can give your kitchen a lift as well as your mood when you are in there. Can't find any flowers in your yard? What about a weed? A yellow dandelion can still provide you with reprieve from panic, "burnout," depression, and extreme fatigue.

Coping with chronic pain is possibly one of the most taxing trials most people will deal with in their lifetime. But with just a few changes you can relieve a bit of the pain level and regenerate your joy. Despite not being able to have control over you illness, you can influence your atmosphere. Make it a cheerful one.


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Some great simple and easy ideas!

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