Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Apple Of His Eye

“He who touches you touches the apple of His (God’s) eye. Zechariah 2:8 (NKJV)

You are a precious creation of God’s. He knew who you would be before you were conceived. He knew the way you would look, and he knew the way you celebrate life. If anyone dares to touch His precious child they would have to contend with your Creator. He cares so much about you that He is your Protector, your Champion, and the One who has your best interests at heart. God cares much more for you than anyone could ever fathom. Your wellbeing is His concern.

If you pattern yourself after your heavenly Father, you will see your children as the apples of your eye. There will be times when you will be the only one who will stand for them when no one else will. If someone tries to harm them you will certainly take action because you watch out for their best interests. You are your children’s champion and cheerleader, and you love them more than anyone else.

When you read the Bible, you cannot escape the fact that God cares for you and your children. You are chosen by God, and He will come to your rescue if you are harmed. Just as you protect and defend your children. God protects and defends you. God cherishes you; you can rest assured of his forever love. Your children learn of God’s care from them watching how you embrace his care and live as someone cherished by him.

Live as someone loved deeply by God. No one cares for you as he does. Teach your children to trust in his love.


Denise said...

Very lovely, be blessed.

luvmy4sons said...

It is so importatnt to remember who we are-His Beloved. And live as daughters of the King! Amen.

Missy said...

Well said!
Hope you are having a splendind day :)

Debra Kaye said...


What a beautiful photo. What a beautiful post...we are the King's Kids...no doubt!

Blessings to you today!

HEATHER said...

That was a beautiful post Mom.
Heather :)

bp said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love the connection you made to our role as parents.

Carol Van Atta, Princess Warrior said...

What a precious reminder of His Love. God bless you.