Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Health - The Arms of God

“I will comfort you as the mother comforts her child." Isaiah 66:13 NCV

A crying child wants nothing but her mother. You scoop her up and hold her, speaking softly, smoothing down her hair,your arms cradle her and make her feel safe as you rock back and forth. She needs this tenderness more than anything else when she is distressed, and no one else can make her feel exactly the same way.

As a grownups, we sometimes wish we had someone to hold us like that when things go wrong and our day is horrible. Amazingly enough, we can know that kind of comfort from God. We need gentleness and tenderness that no one else but God can give us because God made each of us, he knows just what speaks to the place of our sadness or hut. The splendid image Isaiah described compares the solace from God to the solace we give to our own child. What a great comfort. God will hold us, wipe our tears, speak words of love in our ear, and assure us that he can take care of any problem.

Isaiah spoke of a promise that God’s people would be comforted. Mothers and children and everyone else need healing for the bumps and bruises of life. God sent his Spirit to bring His comfort to us when we need it. Pray, and bring your need to God and ask him to hold you in his arms.

Look to God to bring you a gentle touch when life hurts. Talk to him in prayer, and he will hold you tenderly as you trust him like a child.


luvmy4sons said...

Oh...a much needed message for me today. My family has been great. My hubby fantastic, but sometimes as I watch the blood trickle down the burn on my leg and as my neck feels like it can't hold up this bowling ball head another minute...I want to just I see the bruise that takes up most of my thigh...and the knot that still remains on my neck...I am SO grateful I survived this accident. And I am trusting God in the whole blood clot issue with my occluded artery. And I am feeling stronger and stronger every day... with the firbromyalgia it is amazing I am doing so well, but sometimes...I just want God to hold me and say, "It's okay. I got you." He does. Thanks. Hugs and prayers to you.

Tammy said...

Thank you for you that sweet reminder. What a blessing to know the Comforter is able to mend and strengthen our weak bodies.

Blessings to you,

bp said...

That verse brings so much comfort and such a sweet picture to mind of being comforted.

Marsha said...

This is amazingly beautiful, sis, just like you! I love you.

El Shaddai is one of His names, the One who nurtures.