Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful for Praise

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I am thankful for PRAISE. No matter how we feel, there should always be something we can praise and glorify the Lord. Whenever I start to grumble and complain of how I am feeling, I just stop - and start praising the Lord; then a smile comes to my face; a change in my heart begins to flourish; and my grumblings turn into praise.

“I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.” Psalm 34:1-3

As one who lives with chronic illness and pain it can be quite difficult at times to always praise the Lord and rejoice. Most of the time we just want to pull the covers over our head and shut the world out and hope our pain leaves with the rest of the world. Unfortunately the pain doesn’t leave and we are faced with another painful day. I know, I tried to shut the whole world out for a couple of years. All that I accomplished was I lost friends, alienated my family and became a bitter person.

Then one day I took a long look at myself in the mirror. Not only didn’t I like the person on the outside, but I especially didn’t like the person on inside. I thought to myself, if I didn’t like what I see then how can I expect others to want to be around me? So I decided I needed a major attitude adjustment; but where was I to begin or go to help me make the change?

I went to the only One who could help me. I turned to the One the Psalmist went to whenever He was discouraged, in pain, or being sought after by his enemies. I opened my bible to the book of Psalms and these verses practically leaped off the page. At first it was difficult to praise the Lord, some days I didn’t even want to praise Him. But after time I started to make a list of Praise. It was a small list at first, but over time the Praise list has grown. When I took my eyes off of me and focused on Who and What the Lord is and what that means to me, I was able to rejoice in my afflictions and glorify the Lord.

Dear Lord, may the pain of my affliction never be so great that I would not be able to praise You for being my Creator and Savior. Amen.


Denise said...

Amen, bless you sweet one.

Melanie said...

Wow.. what a great perspective on thankfulness!

Bless you, Michelle.

bp said...

Thanks for sharing! The Psalm 34 verse is a great one to have memorized. I knew the first part but not the ending. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your first paragraph had me! I've had a rough day at work and I'm going to stop my grumbling and praise my God for my job and income.

Michelle said...

What you say is so true. One thing I do when life gets to me, or I am angry with someone and want to lash out, is start singing 'Jesus Loves Me, this I know'....just the simple song we learned in Sunday School. It is AMAZING how quickly my thoughts turn off all the bad, and on with the sweet love of Jesus. Everything I was so angry or upset about is forgotten, and I feel the calm.

Thanks for sharing. You touch so many lives each day, and I thank you for touching mine.

Bless you,

Anonymous said...

I really admire you for not letting your chronic illness rule your life anymore. That took a lot of strength and I'm glad our Lord could give that strength to you. Although you still suffer it sounds like you are much happier and I know the Lord has you in His hands and will keep encouraging you on the difficult days. I will be praying for you too.

GranthamLynn said...

Oh what a sweet post. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the verse.
You have great faith thanks for sharing it with us.
And I love your layout so pretty.
Have a Blessed Friday.

Tracy said...

Hi Michele,

Thank you for stopping by my place yesterday. Always good to "meet" a new friend!

This post was a great reminder to us all. Thank you so much for these insights. You're so right about praising Him in the midst of difficulty!


Marsha said...

I'm so thankful the Lord turned your heart to praise! Love you, sis.

Addicted to Beadz said...


Love your post today. It kind of went along with mine.

Thanks for sharing!