Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Interesting Week

Hello Friends!

I pray your Thanksgiving weekend went well. From reading some of your blogs it sounds like many of you enjoyed yourself with family and friends along with feasting on some yummy goodies!

Our Thanksgiving was quite interesting to say the least. Our son-in-law Karl found out that his employer will be taking out an extra $100 a WEEK from his paycheck for health insurance! That’s outrageous! This means they could no longer afford the apartment they were renting so they moved this week into a cute townhome about five miles from us. They were just about 30 yards from us. We are so thankful that two men from the church were able to help them move on Wednesday. Such praise!

While they were moving on Tuesday and Wednesday, I did two things. First, I dog sat their two dogs (along with my two dogs). Now, when you live in an 800 sq foot apartment four dogs and two cats make it quite crowed to say the least! Heather’s basset hound, Lucille, is the biggest baby I have ever seen! She is like having a 2 year old running around the house! Into everything and whines all the time because she misses her mommy. Spoiled dogs! Lol…. Second thing …. I cooked! Now you must understand something here, I have not cooked a complete meal or much of anything in three years!! Heather has been doing all the cooking. My health has been to the point that everything exhausts me, so Heather does the cooking. Since she was pre-occupied, I decided to try my hand at cooking Thanksgiving dinner. What a dinner to start cooking again! Where was my head? I didn’t go completely out… I didn’t decorate the table and put out the china (Chinet plates instead); and I didn’t make two different kinds of dressings this year (no cornbread dressing this year… poor Jim); I didn’t make homemade pies (store bought); I didn’t make my favorite shimmering cranberry mold; and no scalloped corn for Jim. I thought that since I was making it simple this year that it wouldn’t take a lot out of me. NOT!! First let me say that for my birthday on Wednesday I had to make my own meal, so to make it simple I made ham and white bean soup. I am usually a good soup maker. Well it had no flavor so I sent Jim out to the store to get some more ham so we could cut it up into the soup and hopefully get some flavor… yeah! That did it! Good soup! That day I also made my bread and sausage dressing, ambrosia and I also cooked the turkey on Wednesday. Oh that was so tasty!!! I know, that wasn’t much… but I was so tired! Thanksgiving Day Jim took care of the mashed potatoes and green beans almandine; Heather did the sweet potatoes; and I made my homemade gravy. We put everything out “cafeteria style” and four of us sat at the table while Jim sat in his chair (our little table only seats four). The meal was delicious if I may say so myself! We ate the left-over’s the next day, Friday… even better! So all in all I did a good job, but I was worn out! Maybe it’s more from dog sitting two days? It was nice though to have Heather cook a meal on Saturday. We will eat over there again on Monday and Tuesday. It’s hard to cook for just two people and Heather does such a good job cooking.

On Friday and Saturday Jim and I went to a few stores for Christmas shopping. To our surprise it was not crowded, although we didn’t go early. We did get some great deals and we pretty much have our Christmas shopping done. Our list is quite small this year due to the economy, but it’s the thought that counts… right?

Sunday, I am feeling the pain and exhaustion from the week. It was a good week though. I may be paying for it physically for some time, but I think it was worth the fuss. I helped Heather by doing the cooking; I spent some quality time with my grandson Travis on Wednesday (he helped me cook and we played a game) and my hubby the rest of the week… all in a very thankful week!

What’s up for this coming week? Doctors appointments! Oh yippy! NOT!!


luvmy4sons said...

I hope you are getting some well deserved rest glad your holiday went well!

He And Me + 3 said...

Sounds like a nice meal you had and a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glad you got some shopping done too, but hope that you are feeling rested soon.

Cathryn said...

Bless your heart Michele. It is hard for many folk to understand when those things you've listed can cause you to have pain and discomfort for days. I know you don't regret it and everyone surely appreciated your great job in pulling it together. But now you can hopefully rest some and recuperate (sp?). I have fibro and I know when I am doing things that the next day I will be a mess. But sometimes when you feel halfway like it you just have to "make hay while the sun is shining." Have you heard that saying before? Bless your heart dear, Cathryn

Debra said...


Sweet sis, you must rest some! I am so glad your Thanksgiving was blessed with your family.

((hugs)) to you!

bp said...

I hope the week ahead is a good one for you.

I like the leftovers too. I told my Mom I thought the dressing tasted better Thursday night and Friday! That's good you got your Christmas shopping done. It will be here so soon!

Missy said...

Well your Mother would be proud!
I'm so glad she handed down her cooking abilities to her daughters and granddaughters!
That is HORRIBLE about the insurance stuff. I hate insurance. It is killing us too...but for them to have to move! I am so sorry!

Hope your DR apps go well this week.
Mom gets back Tuesday!

Denise said...

Rest my dear friend. Praying for your doctor appointments, love you.

Anonymous said...

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