Monday, November 10, 2008

Something to Ponder

I thought this was quite thought provoking. I thought I would share his thoughts on the recent presidential election. It certainly gives us some this to ponder and pray about.

Dutch Sheets' response to the recent presidential election

November 6, 2008 I feel certain that many in my stream of the Church want a statement from me concerning Tuesday's presidential election. I will be frank in my remarks but I do not, however, intend to vent anger or attack anyone. I have read several statements from friends and colleagues I respect very much.Their thoughts are well stated and, for the most part, insightful. None of them, however, seem to want to say some things that I believe need to be said. I do not claim infallibility or to have the final word, but my convictions run deep and I believe I bear a God-given responsibility to share them.
Was This God's Will? To read more continue here


Serendipity said...

Hi Michele, hope you had a good weekend there. Have a blessed week ahead!

Denise said...

Hello my friend, love you.

Sharon said...

This literature was very interesting and informative. It is alot of truth there.
Thanks for sharing this.
Be blessed

Missy said...

So glad you are over the flu!!!
Keep getting better.
I made taco soup and corny corn bread today. If I lived near you, I would bring you some :)
Much Love!