Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beelieve- Know God Intimately - Why Am I Doing The Happy Dance?

The Omnipotence of God – All Powerful – He IS Able!

This attribute of God excites me! God is Able! I am not always able; others are not always able; but God – the All Powerful God- HE IS ABLE to do exceeding more than I could even imagine! This makes me want to do the happy dance! Yes, I just did the happy dance people! Just the thought of it makes me want to shout and praise God!

Why does this excite me so much? There are so many reasons, but I want to share at least some today.

As one who lives with multiple chronic illnesses, I am not able to do many things. I find myself unable to walk some days, or walk on steady feet; simple household chores like washing dishes or laundry can be difficult to do some days. Cleaning my house is almost a never –thank God for my three Deb’s who volunteer to clean our apartment! Cooking is difficult due not being able to stand for a time or sheer exhaustion from my chronic illnesses (I am thankful for Heather, my daughter who cooks for us). Even sitting at the computer for any length of time is painful and exhausting. I think the worst of it is my mind – it just isn’t what it used to be! At 51 years of age I have the mind of someone twenty years older… seriously! All this can certainly frustrate me, let alone my family. Yes, all this and more can be so frustrating but, I have a God who IS able!

My God calms my storms; removes my fears; wipes away my tears; holds me in His tender loving arms; heals my broken heart and spirit; gives me rest for my weary body and soul; recharges and refreshes my mind, body and spirit; answers my prayers; gives me a sense of humor so I can even laugh at myself; encourages and prods me to continue on when I just want to give up; and most of all – He loves me so much that He is able to forgive my foolish ways and sinful heart!

There is an old chorus we used to sing in church back in the late 70’s early 80’s. “He’s Able”. This morning I was trying to remember the song. I prayed and asked the Lord to give me the song again so I could share the words… I wish I could share the tune with you, but I could not find the music on the internet; but here are the lyrics:

He’s able, He’s able
I know He’s able
I know my God is able to carry me through.

He healed the brokenhearted
And he set the captive free
He made the lame to walk again
And He caused the blind to see.

He’s able, He’s able
I know He’s able
I know my God is able to carry me through

Why am I doing the happy dance in my chair? Because I KNOW MY GOD IS ABLE TO CARRY ME THROUGH! Praise God!

Thank you Heavenly Omnipotent Father for always being ABLE when I am not!


Jennsmere said...

Thank you Michelle! I could have written so much of this post...especially the part about the mind! Was it the scarecrow that wished he had a brain?? So do I these days!

Isn't it wonderful to know that when we are unable...our dear Father is ABLE!

Bless you!

luvmy4sons said...

Praying God's blessing upon is so good that His power is made perfect in our weakness. He IS able!

Lisa said...

Michele, what an encouraging post. I find peace in knowing God is able and regardless of His decision on my behalf I know being in His Will is just where I want to be. I will be praying for you my friend, I have my list started this morning.

Denise said...

I love you my dear friend, and my heart desires many sweet blessings for you.

Unknown said...

That was a beautiful post Michelle!

Praising God that He is able and willing to do all things for us according to His good works for His glory!

Hugs and blessings,

~hon~ said...


Please know that for me, You are a Beautiful Woman of GOD

He & Me + 3 said...

So True...He is ABLE. That's all I need to know.

lori said...

WE JUST sang this song on SUNDAY in church and it's been with me ever since...I laughed when I stopped if God wanted me to KNOW that HE placed that song in my LIFE for this moment....HE IS ABLE to do whatever it is that HE wants....
You'll be in my prayers...
Michelle, your faith just jumps off the screen...peace to you...that peace that transcends ALL understanding!

Laurie Ann said...

Oh, what a faith-filled post! Our God is so Able. As one who suffers from 3 chronic illnesses that sometimes wrap into one, flaring up all at the same time, I cannot tell you how this post ministered to me. God bless you, my friend!

Alexis said...

Wonderful, encouraging, happy thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

Donetta said...

He IS!!! oh yes HE IS

Deanna said...

I too live with chronic illness. With all the weather changes I have been struggling.

Thank you for this post. Such an encouragement to me today!

Grammy said...

That was such an uplifting inspiring post. I have been working hard this past year to learn to be happy. And I was blessed a bit this sumer with being able to do some things I have not been able to do for a while. I too spend allot of time not accomplishing much around the house. And now I have one of my daughters moved this way. I used my blog to post at least something I was able to do and it helped to lift my spirits. I am mentally getting well. I too know what it is like to feel older then 80. As my friend who is near 90 could out do me any day in working in her garden. But I made a commitment last Feb to find happiness and joy. And god has helped me to feel more than I expected to feel this year.

Lori said...

Amen, your spirit lifts me up and I rejoice with you. There are so many thing I take for granted that are challenges for you, your attitude is a blessing to me.

Have a wonderful day.

Debra Kaye said...

Oh Michele,

I wanted to get up and dance just reading this! I love your thankful heart!

Happy Thursday, my sweet friend.

Hugs Hugs Hugs to you! Lovin ya so much!

Sharon Brumfield said...

That was beautiful girl.
Thank you for your testimony of the faithfulness of our God to see us through. And I am so thankful to God for sending women to take care of you.
I pray that as they minister to you in the physical that you are more than able to minister to them in the spiritual.That they will leave with hearts that have been blessed beyond their comprehension.

I know they said that about Amy Carmichael. The last sever years of her life she was bed bound and yet she ministered to so many. Also, Corrie ten Boom (s.p)...she was bed bound the last 7 years of her life...I believe. Both were powerful women of God.
And see what God has allowed you to do by way of internet....our enemy has not kept you down. Praise God!