Sunday, January 18, 2009

Continued Prayers For My Family

Thank you for standing watch with us! Yes, our step dad came home today, but we're not certain it was the correct thing to do. The doctor that discharged him did not leave clear orders and had never seen him before, even though he's a doctor in the same practice as his regular kidney doctor. We are so thankful that my niece Missy and my nephew Adam are there to help with his care, which has turned complicated. Missy had to call the hospital to have them explain his care and the new medicines so she could help her Nana understand. Then the man came to deliver the oxygen machine, which is huge and takes up a lot of space, frustrating our Mom. She just could not grasp the instructions because there are so many for the machine, the level it needs to be at, how to operate the battery powered unit, how to operate the portable units for when he leaves the house for dialysis. So many issues. Plus, the hazard the hoses running into the living room and into the bedroom are causing for both of them to get around. Missy had called her mom (Marsha) and said, "Mom, you've GOT to get back up here before we leave! They can't do this alone!" And she's right. They can't. So, my dear brother in law is taking off work for 3 or 4 days this week and driving Marsha BACK to PA on Monday. He'll be able to help get our step dad to dialysis on Tuesday, unless the medical transport gets scheduled by then. There is a meeting with a social worker assigned to them by Medicare, on Monday. Missy will be a part of that since Marsha will not be there until that evening.

Our step dad is quite agitated right now. Not at all like him. He did not want to get to this point. Please pray he will rest comfortably and calm down. Pray for our Mom to also calm down, drop her pride and allow people to help out. Please pray the social worker can get the home health care nurse approved and out their to help them everyday. Marsha will need to stay this time until that happens. Please pray for Marsha as she tries to do her ministry of teaching and counseling from a distance for a while. This is quite difficult, but right now greatly needed as mom and Chris really need assistance right now. I feel so bad that I can't go back and help them. This makes me feel useless! I'm trying to be a support for mom and Chris, and Marsha from across the country... this is difficult too! Please pray for Marsha and my heart attitude towards our step sister. She only lives about 1 hour and 1/2 away and hasn't been to see him in one year. She is aware of what's going on and she is a believer.Thank you, for storming the gates!


Cathryn said...

Bless your alls hearts. I know it is hard to see a loved one ~ especially a parent ~ ailing. You and Marsha hang in there. Ya here? I'm thankful two such fine ladies have each other. Love, Cathryn

Denise said...

Prayers continue my friend, love you.

Kristi said...

Sweet friend, I am praying for all of ya'll today.

Debra Kaye said...


I just said a prayer for you and Marsha and your family. I prayed for your parents peace and for traveling mercies for Marsha and her husband.

Sending you big ((hugs))!!

luvmy4sons said...

Wow. That is a lot.


You see this situation. You know the needs intimately. You alone are our provider, our great physician. I ask Your blessing upon these people, this siuation. Send help quickly. Open doors for assistance and relief. Comfort, lead, guide, and surround them with angels. We know You can do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we ask or imagine. Touch this entire situation. I know not how to pray..Holy Spirit make my requests acceptable to the Father...and bless. Thank You Lord. Amen.

He & Me + 3 said...

I will continue to pray.

Edie said...

Oh Michele my is going out to all of you. I am covering you in prayer now.

Aunt Angie said...

Oh Michele! My heart goes out to you all! Will be praying though. She has been on my mind...and though this weekend was busy and I DID NOT EVEN turn on the computer, she kept coming to my I prayed as I worked.
When you talk to her...please give her a big hug via phone for me. Tell her the "sister" in Florida says she loves her and is praying!
You two are so sweet! LOVE you both!