Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Remember When

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Jean from Speaking From The Heart has started a new meme over at her blog. It is called, "I Remember When". Here is what she says about it: “Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have heard so many wonderful stories about my ancestors. There were also stories, about my childhood, which I totally had forgotten. I have made a mental note of each story and have every intention of documenting it. In order to help me in this area, I have decided to blog a weekly story about my ancestors, and about my childhood. I want to have these stories written down, before my memory escapes from me, and to leave a legacy for my children, and for future generations. Grab the clip art and join me for "I Remember When...". After you blog your story, come back leave a note. I would love to read your story. I think this is a great idea for a meme, so I will be joining in on Sundays.

Jean asks: Do you have fond memories of your grandma?

I have many fond memories of my grandmother on my mother’s side. Unfortunately, my father’s mother died when I was a wee baby.

I was very fortunate to be raised around my grandmother. Many times over the years as a child I lived with my grandmother or she would live with us for a while. She was always loving, nurturing, kind, but also firm. She enjoyed telling stories about her childhood, family, and her children. We learned a great deal about our mother and her siblings. They were no angels! HA HA! Grandma was a natural caregiver; so much of her life was spent caring for others. If I was sick, there was grandma, making sure I was comfortable, and taking all my medicines.
I remember when I was little I had poison ivy really bad… I mean bad! It was between my fingers and everywhere! My grandmother was with me almost day and night. She made baking soda baths for me, and afterwards she would coat my poison ivy with a homemade remedy. She would even feed me because I could not feed myself due to the sores. To try to keep my mind off of the itching and pain she would read to me, tell stories or play a game.

My grandmother had many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but when she was with you she made you feel as though you were her only child. In the dictionary, if they had a picture next to the word – grandmother – her picture would be there! She was a tremendous example of grace, mercy, hope, love, and beauty. Grandma has been home with the Lord for 30 years now, but she will forever be in our hearts. She truly left a great legacy.


luvmy4sons said...

Oh to be so wonderfully remembered. You were blessed.

He & Me + 3 said...

Grandma's are the best. What a great post about yours.

Marsha said...

You're right...she made each one of us feel like she loved us best. Special lady! That's why Missy has her name for a middle name.

Love you.

bp said...

Such a special Grandma! It is a blessing to have these memories of her to share.

Beth in NC said...

Those are very sweet memories. Thanks for sharing! :o)

Speaking from the Heart said...


I happened to see your log on my Live Activity Feed.

I apologize for not reading your blog sooner. You had an awesome grandmother.Thank you for sharing.