Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grilling Goodness Meme

Welcome back for another installment of Grilling Goodness! I hope that you've had a wonderful week!
Let's get going! I hope you can play along. Please visit here to play along

1. How long has your longest friendship been? Not including family friendships - My longest continuious friendship would be 17 years I believe. Since blogging, and facebook I have reconnected with some old school friends.

2. What made you happy this week?My grandson going on a church youth retreat this weekend with their new church.

3. Are you planning any kind of event right now? No

4. Do you wear your wedding ring? Not my original ring - it's too small (size 4). But my hubby bought me a new one several years ago. What is it made of? white gold I think?

5. Do you shave your legs in the winter? I don't grow hair on my legs or arms... strange huh?
6. What time do your kids go to bed? Don't know... they are all grown up and on their own!

7. Right this minute, is your laundry caught up? No

8. Do you want flowers for Valentine's Day? Yes, and my hubby bought me some too... how sweet!


Denise said...

I enjoyed this post my friend.

He & Me + 3 said...

I love this...really, you don't grow hair on your legs? how lucky are you. So glad you got flowers.