Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"My soul longs, yes, even faints for the courts of the Lord; My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God." Psalms 84:2

Why does passion fade so easily? Do you remember when you first fell in love and you spent hours talking on the phone, writing love letters, spending time with one another and telling one another how much you love them?

Jim and I - Taken June 15th, 1974 - Day after our wedding -

My husband and I experience a time in our lives where the passion we once had for one another had faded. One day we “woke up” and look at one another and questioned how we became so “stale” in our relationship. We were taking one another’s love for granted, and it seemed that we were growing apart somehow. We took a long look at our relationship and evaluated how we got to this place.

Our answer… we lost our passion! Right then we decided to bring back the passion in our marriage. We started making a conscious effort to spend quality time with one another; writing notes; sending emails; speaking kindly to one another; going on dates and just talking about us – not the family, ministry or work; even making time for sexual relations. We brought back our passion for one another. We have vowed to not allow the busyness of life to take away our passion again.

The same can be said when we first experience God’s love, we spend hours thinking about Him, studying His Word, and telling others how much He means to us. Then it happens. Our busy schedules slowly diminish our passion. Our longing for Jesus and our study of His Word become an occasional glance. Surely the object of our affection hasn’t changed! Or has it?

We see in Revelations that the church at Ephesus struggled with maintaining its spiritual passion. John writes that Jesus wanted to help them restore and maintain their love and zeal for Him. Although He commended this church for their work, Jesus saw that they had abandoned their first love—Him. "Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. " (Rev. 2:4).

The Ephesians had lost their spiritual passion for Jesus. It had become a cold and unthinking belief. Maybe they had allowed busyness to enter their hearts. Whatever it was, something had taken the passion they had once reserved for the Lord.

Have you allowed something to steal your passion?

If your passion for your spouse has diminished, make a conscious effort today to find out why and then determine to make the necessary changes.

Have you lost your spiritual passion for your Lord and Savior? If so, it can be restored and maintained when you consistently remember His amazing love demonstrated at Calvary. Repent of your sinful, unloving attitudes, and out of love for Jesus repeat your "first works" (v.5). Ask the Lord to bring back your joy of your salvation. Re-evaluate why you are serving the Lord, and what areas of your life that need changing. If you are too busy to spend time with your Lord, then it’s time to re-evaluate and streamline your life… even your ministry. What good are you to others if you have not time for your first love- Jesus? Bring back the passion! Fall in love all over again!

Dear heavenly Father, I come to you with an open heart asking you to reveal to me anything and everything that may be hindering me in my passion for you. May I never lose my first love-YOU. In Jesus precious name, Amen


Denise said...

So awesome, and so very true.

luvmy4sons said...

Good stuff here. It is neat how the marriage relationship is a mirror of our relationship with Jesus. Love is a choice...feelings betray...but God can and will restore to us the joy of our salvation and the love and passion in our marriage if we but ask Him. Good stuff!

He & Me + 3 said...

Awesome post. I needed that one! thanks!

Beth in NC said...

You are right Michele! I often think of how we are so willing to spend time with people to build relationships -- but are we willing to do this with our Lord? But yes, the passion is KEY.

We do have to remain engaged and not allow ourselves to become complacent.

Ok, you are going to want to beat me (ha), but when you said, "Sexual relations" my mind immediately went to the Eddie Murphy movie about the Krumps ... "Sherman is having relations" -- did you see that? God help me. I have messed up your beautiful passion felt post. :o) Maybe I gave you a giggle.

Have a wonderful day!

LisaShaw said...

Good message!

Jennifer said...

Great post, Michele! Rev. 2:4 was the first verse that I entered this week in my new study journal. I studied that scripture long and hard on Monday morning. I, too, had to re-evaluate my relationship with Jesus Christ. My heart longs to spend more time with Him getting to know Him on a deeper, more intimate level but my actions don't show it.

In our marriages, it is so easy to lose your passion for your spouse. Not that you don't love them or want to be intimate with them...but, life, children, work, busyness...comes between a husband and wife very quickly if you aren't on guard all the time.

I have been guilty of letting "things" get in the way of our relationship...both...spiritual and marital.

Thank you for a wonderful reminder to return to our 1st love...Jesus Christ and our passion for Him...and our spouse. We should pursue both as we did when we first met.

Great stuff!

Kristi said...

Wonderful words of wisdom. Your verse today reminds me of that song. I'll be singing it all day long.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I've been to your blog before, and have it bookmarked, but have been having trouble keeping up, so haven't been here lately. This morning, someone's blog I am in a study with had won an award from the Internet Cafe, (I think) and I clicked on the icon.

Out of all the list of award winners, I decided to click on yours, because I knew I'd been here before. My plan was to read one more blog post, and then go to the couch and spend time with God with the TV and computer off. (I stayed home from work today because I didn't sleep well last night due to my body shaking like it does sometimes. I think it's periodic limb movement disorder.)

I have been in the process of asking God to help me get back that first love and devotion I had for him when he gave me the gift of faith in 1984. I always intend to spend more time in the Word daily, but usually don't stop my busyness until I drag myself to bed.

I enjoyed your post and your frankness with your own experiences. I know my husband and I have lost a lot of that, too. He is not a Christian, and it is difficult at times.


Peggy said...

Sweet photo of passion Michele! Two years before I least you rekindled your passion & kept your marriage flame aglow! Your words are so true about PASSION in our earthly & heavenly relationship of our First Love & returning to that renewed place & relishing cherishing the moments you are given & blessed with daily. Draw closer & stay intimate! How Our Heavenly Father desires us to long for that Love & Zeal! Love your scripture, graphic and legacy moment! It's time for a fresh walk with my Beloved! Thank you for the visit and filling my Wednesday! EnJOY yours & Happy Valentine to you & Jim!

Marsha said...

Excellent,excellent post my dear sister!

Question: WHY would ANYONE be remotely close enough to you the DAY AFTER your wedding to take your picture? I was in your wedding, but sure don't remember see you the day after! Maybe I blocked it out of my memory! LOL

I love you!

Michele Williams said...

Hey are loosing it! You were not at the wedding! You were still in Florida! The day after our wedding we went to mom and dad's to say goodbye because we then drove four days to Tucson in a heat wave through the US in Jim's un-airconditioned camaro! Then we spent a month with HIS parents in the next bedroom! I would say we did not have a honeymoon! lol.....

April said...

Hi Michele~
Such an awesome brought tears to my eyes! Yes, keeping the passion in one's marriage takes effort and creativity. Chris and I love to have lunch together every's the highlight of my week. Gives us a chance to reconnect with each other.

So glad you entered my giveaway...good luck!

Debra Kaye said...


I loved this post as well as Marshas. Last night my husband and I were walking and a lady and her husband were outside and saw us and we began a conversation with them.

We found out in short order that she was a believer and her hubby was riding the fence so to speak. For a first time meeting she left me with this statement "You and your husband have so much passion...and I long for that".

It was night time and I have no idea what we said or did to indicate we had passion (we were holding hands) (we do laugh and giggle a lot together)...but I thought 'how sad' that people long for something that can be so readily available to them...but for the taking and wanting of a relationship with our King Jesus!

We are going to begin praying for them and hopefully one day that couple can know passion..a godly passion and then a marital one.

Love you, my sister!

bp said...

Such a wonderful post! Thanks for blessing my day!

L2L said...

You would greatly enjoy this is an amazing message that will forever change marriage to those who listen.

Grace said...

What a wonderful story of your love, Michelle. You just showed a good pattern for young couples like me. You have so blessed us and may God bless you ever more.

Anonymous said...

beautiful and so very true.