Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pray For Our Aussie Friends

I just received an email from an Australian friend in Victoria. Here is her email:

I am in what should be a safe area, although I heard on the radio that if we get excessive heat and winds again, no where can be said to be safe. Greg Lloyd in this article was the son of a friend and a former school captain of the College I used to be on the board many friends and their children are touched by this one. I last saw him a few years back when I was last at their home for a meal.
He was saying goodbye to his Mother on the phone as the house went up in flames Pray especially for Jill and his sister Sally and step sister Jay who needs to really know the Lord.

Other friends lost their home at Marysville....they are coming her to her parents around a couple of corners from me. They were both forestry workers and used to watching for fires. A 2 yr old home.
But they and children are safe.

Thanks for the prayers. We have had favourable weather this week and some rain.
We need prayer that two fire fronts will not join up and wreck our water catchment areas.
We need and steady and God knows the right places to send it.
They appear to have caught a couple of arsonists.
Please pray that we will not have the combination of searing heat. broke all our temp records, and blistering burning wind. And fire bugs/arsonists.
Could be up to 300 dead. Must be something like 700+ homes burnt and so many people homeless and no power to those areas and the area just looks like a moon scape.
The picture says it all to me.........the cross still stands.
Thank you for your prayers, Jane


April said...

I have a bloggy friend from Australia...such a sad tragedy. My prayers will defintely be sent up on their behalf!

Beth in NC said...

Oh Michele, this is so horrible. And to think that arsonists were involved. God have mercy.

I will pray.


luvmy4sons said...

Oh my...This fallen world we live in...


You see our Aussie friends. You now their sorrow. You have never left them but are there with them through all of this. I pray Your name go forth in this time of great need and trial. May those who know You shine forth Your light into the lives of those without hope. May You comfort and strengthen everyone who has endured loss. Surround them...bring a peace that psses understanding. We pray for a reprieve from this weather and ask Your blessing and protection upon them. In Your name we pray. Amen.

Grace said...

Thanks for this awareness, Michelle. I have a blogger friend there in Australia, and she has just told me that she is fine. Thank God.

Marsha said...

How terribly sad!

Up Close said...

Hello! May God bless you and keep you! and He may answer your innermost prayer today!