Monday, March 2, 2009

Overcoming Barriers in Praying With Your Husband

One of the most intimate things you and your husband can do together is PRAY together!

Do you believe the statement above? Years ago my husband and I started praying together every night before bed. I could not believe how close this brought us. To hear one another in their most vulnerable state before God is so rewarding, so humbling, so intimate it litterally changed our marriage overnight!

About 12 years ago my husband and I we privelged to host the Pastor's and Wives Retreat for the Southwest. We were honored to have as the co-speakers for the conference, Ray and Anne Ortlund. They were the best and most life changing speakers we ever had at our retreats. They spoke on the pastor and wife relationship and how important it is to work on their intimacy. That retreat changed so many marriages. For many of the ministers and their wives it was the first time they ever prayed together! Some had even been married 40 years! It was an eye opening experience for many. My husband and I had been praying together for years, we had assumed that others were doing so as well. That retreat changed our lives as well. We were even more determined not to allow the busyness of ministry and life get in the way of our relationship with one another.

God ordained the institution of marriage. If it is important to God, then it should be important to us as well. God also desires to communicate with us. Since the husband and wife are one in the eyes of God, then we must also be aware that He desires us to come together as one before Him and bring our hearts desires to Him in prayer. The word of God says in Matthew 18:20, "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them". Tonight, before you go to bed, suggest to your husband that you pray together. Just share your heart with one another and with God. You will experience an intimacy different that any other. Your marriage, and family will never be the same!
Below is an article I found on Overcoming Barriers in Praying With Your Husband by Sheri Mueller. Let me know what you think.

Does prayer feel uncomfortable? Does it feel awkward to pray with your husband?
Discomfort was my barrier to overcome. To continue please go here:


Denise said...

Such a great, and true post.

Beth in NC said...

Ok, ok ... I hear You Lord! Michele, my Boaz and I used to pray together (and still do at night sometimes ... but not every night). God has been prodding me to get this started again. Your post was just another nudge.

Bless you!

Sharon said...

Amen, Yes Brad and I too pray together at night, it's awesome, sometimes we may forget to pray for something or someone, it helps just to add in somewhere in the prayer along the way, and yes when we get into agreement he hears our prayers.
Great post

luvmy4sons said...

I think it is wonderful idea and practice...I also think that sometimes women make it a stumbling block to their husbands if they do not do this...pressuring them...I can say this because I was one of those women. I spoke to my Pastor about it...and his prespective helped me a lot. My husband has a deep abiding presonal faith. His silence doesn't mean it isn't there. He is a man who doesn't often share his opinion...He is a wonderfully kind, lvoing unassuming gnetle man.
After I let it go and changed my attitude I began to see my hubby's heart in a diffferent way. And on occasion I would hear his corporate prayers in Christian gatherings...and I was sorry that I had ever judged him because he didn't lean us in couple prayer each night.

I still would like for us to pray each night together aloud. And I pray to the Lord that it happen one the mean time if ever I want him to pray with me I ask him and he does. But my attitude about it now is one of humility and respect whereas before I confess it was not. God forgive me. And He has.

I know my hubby prays. And if he does not lead me in aloud prayers is okay. God is in control...and He has given me this wonderful man...and everyone's walk of faith is different.

I write all of this in case there are women out there who think that something is wrong with their husband or them or their marriage should this not be a part of what they do...They are not alone and it is okay. And if their husbands do that is great too! That is fabulous. You have a very special special gift...Praise God!

bp said...

Thank you for sharing this. I read a book that talked about this subject. My husband and I need to do this. I need to join in actually b/c he will say the prayer before we go to bed.