Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beelieve - Know God Intimately: God is Truth

Noah Webster's Dictionary : Truth

1. (n.) The quality or being true; as: -- (a) Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been; or shall be. 2. (n.) Conformity to rule; exactness; close correspondence with an example, mood, object of imitation, or the like. 3. (n.) Fidelity; constancy; steadfastness; faithfulness. 4. (n.) The practice of speaking what is true; freedom from falsehood; veracity. 5. (n.) That which is true or certain concerning any matter or subject, or generally on all subjects; real state of things; fact; verity; reality. 6. (n.) A true thing; a verified fact; a true statement or proposition; an established principle, fixed law, or the like; as, the great truths of morals. 7. (n.) Righteousness; true religion. 8. (v. t.) To assert as true; to declare.

God is the definition of truth;

God is absolutely true, and all truth is in harmony with God’s actions. He is completely all that He should be and His Word and revelation are entirely trustworthy.  

Jesus proclaims,” I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). It was the same claim made by Jehovah when He revealed Himself to Moses on Mount Sinai centuries before. He called Himself “The LORD, the LORD God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth” (Exodus 34:6). There is such a thing as truth, and it resides in a person, a person whom King David called the “God of truth” (Psalm 31:5).

 God is totally reliable, without falseness of any manner. His plan, principles, and promises are fully reliable, precise, genuine, and factual. The Lord God is not imaginary, vain and empty like the idols of the pagans, who stand for a so-called god of their own vain imagination. “But the LORD is the true God,” affirmed the prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 10:10); the New Testament echoes the same message. For example, Jesus referred to His Father as “the only true God” (John 17:3). Paul highly praised the Thessalonians because they “turned to God from idols to serve a living and true God” (l Thessalonians 1:9; cf. also John 3:33; 1 John 5:20-21). 

We know that truth can be depended upon and does not fail, change, or disappoint; therefore God's promises are all good because His Word cannot fail or disappoint. The awesome aspect of God's unchanging truthfulness is that we can stand on His promises with full assurance of faith no matter how we feel, no matter how dire our circumstances. We can trust and rest on this great attribute of God, forever and forever. Since God is truth, He desires that those who would give an accurate view of Him also be truthful in the words and deeds. (Ro 12:9). His word to mankind is totally reliable and can be trusted implicitly. It means He will never renege on any promise He has made.

God not only is the truth but He knows the truth. The Psalmist went so far as to say that His truth reaches to the skies (Psalm 108:4); it is complete, perfect, and unlimited.

All truth is God’s truth and we are fully dependent on Him for our understanding of truth. Since He is the author of truth, He shaped our ability to grasp truth so we can come to knowledge of things as they are only through Him. What we think we know to be true must agree with the truth He possesses; it must be in agreement with reality as He knows it.

If God is Truth, and we are dependent on Him for our understanding of truth, then we need to abide in His Word.

On Thursday, we will study how we can know the truth by abiding in His Word

Scriptures on God is truth: Ex 34:6; Nu 23:19; Ps 19:9; 91:4; 100:5; 146:6; Isa 25:1; 65:16 Da 4:37; Mic7:20; Jn 17:17; 2 Cor 1:20; Rev 16:7


Denise said...

Such a great post.

luvmy4sons said...

My boys where a shirt that says that truth is a principle that applies to all people at all times in all places...I think God more than covers that. He is so immense. To BE love. To BE truth! Oh...looking forward to the next post!

Beth in NC said...

Wow, that is great Michele. I don't even know what to add to this. God is truth and we measure everything by Who He is and what He represents.

Bless you!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so glad that He is the way the TRUTH and the life.

Marsha said...

Totally agree. His truth is THE truth. We would all do well to be entrenched in His Word and seeking solutions within those precious pages.