Saturday, April 4, 2009

Caregivers - Then Sings My Soul Saturday & Mission 4 Monday

If you know someone who is a caregiver, then you know that they need special help, special rest, and special prayer. Back in August of last year I wrote a post about Unsung Heroes....Caregivers.... It was dedicated to my family, especially my husband and daughter. They have sacrificed so much to care for me! I am thankful that lately I have been able to care for myself for the most part. It is giving them much needed rest. Thank you Lord and thank you all for your dedicated prayers for my health. I truly appreciate your continued prayers.

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Click here for my list of Special Helps For Caregivers:

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Denise said...

Thank you for this, as someone who has been a caregiver to my dear Momma, this was appreciated.

anon said...

Thank you for your post today Michele and the words from your heart. The DVD was truly inspiritional. God bless you, Judith

Deborah said...

That was beautiful. I loved the quotes in the song. I have one of them on my desk about faith.

Isn't Mandisa great. She actually used to work where I work now (in a different area) and comes back and does chapel. But I love this song too.

Angela said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.....((hugs)) I love coming here and sitting at our Lord's feet and reading what you have poured forth from your heart

He & Me + 3 said...

Thank you for sharing that post and that beautiful beautiful song. I am going to listen to it again while I read some pretty.

LisaShaw said...

I prayed for caregivers this week on my Pause & Pray Today message. While I'm not a caregiver I know many who are and they need love, strength, support and at times someone to love on them too and keep them encouraged so thank you for this song. I know a few I will send your message to.

Bless you dear sister. I pray you are feeling better each day.

luvmy4sons said...

It is good that the unsung heroes of caregiving get some recognition. I know that Jesus sees all. Still, it is good to be appreciated. God bless them everyone!

Marsha said...

I really enjoyed the quotes on this video. The music was beautiful as well.

Love you!

Amydeanne said...

thanks for sharing Michele! great post!

Beth in NC said...

Thanks for sharing this Michele. I am not a full-time caregiver, though I feel the weight of my parents on my mind at all times.

Many blessings,

Alleluiabelle said...

I, too, thank you Michele. I was a caregiver to both my mom and dad before they passed away. Since my husband had open-heart surgery in Dec. 2006 he has what is called post-pump syndrome. He experiences both short and long term memory loss and can't drive. He was only 49 at the time of his surgery but our lives have completely flip-flopped. Your site, fills me. You have such a loving, kind and caring heart not only for the Lord, but for all on earth. I thank you again for this powerful site and enjoy coming here.

Please stop by my site. I have an award waiting for you.


Debra Kaye said...

Thank you sweet sis for checking in on me while I was down and then away! You are such a precious friend. I love your new profile pic!

And when you get a minute, stop by,...I'm a 'fan' of yours! tee hee

Love ya bunches!

Cathryn said...

Michele, I need you to check your email as soon as you can. Love, Cathryn