Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mission 4 Monday: Pace Yourself

Do you ever feel like you are taking two steps forward and ten steps backwards? I brought that question to my sister the other day. Her response was; “All the time for me!” Lately this has been me as well. I would like to share an article I believe would be helpful for everyone, not just those of us who live with chronic illness and chronic pain. Pacing 101: Living with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - How to Get Things Done Without Over Doing It - By Adrienne Dellwo, Updated: October 20, 2008. Please click on the title or here to read the post.
Years ago I did not heed to the many warnings my body was giving me and in return I have been living with multiple chronic illnesses. I believe that if I had listened to the warning signs my body gave me, I would not have developed some of my illnesses. So please, listen to a little word of wisdom from someone who has been there and thought she was “super woman”; heed to the warning signs that your body is giving you!

I am preaching to myself right now too! I am pushing myself a little too much right now too. So please, read the above article with an open mind; listen to your body, and give each new day to the Lord. If you do, you will accomplish what HE wants you to accomplish…not always what we THINK we need to accomplish.

My confession to you all right now: My big thing I need to learn…. That though many of you comment daily on my blog, I know that you forgive me when I am unable to get to your blog because you know if I could, I would be there! But please know, all of you that are on my followers list and prayer request list, are prayed for every day! Also, please know that I do read all your comments and I pray for you after I read your comments. I am truly humbled and blessed to have such gracious friends as all of you! I greatly appreciate your friendship, love, and prayers. God bless you!

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Alleluiabelle said...


Boy can I relate to this. Yes, sometimes I feel like I've taken the ten steps backwards. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and chronic pain from Osteoarthritis in my lower lumbar back, the joints in the groins of my legs and my left knee. I've had multiple cortisone shots in all spots. It's a terrible thing to have to live with. Aches and pains rock our world pretty much every day.

I've learned to give each new day to the Lord, and I am in very strong agreement with you when you say "If you do, you will accomplish what HE wants you to accomplish…not always what we THINK we need to accomplish."

I'm so with you in your last paragraph as well. I'm with you sister. I want so much to comment back and give back because I receive so much from other blogging friends, so much. The other day I needed to rest, so I took a break from the computer for a day or two. It was a much needed rest. My body was telling me that and I believe God was too, so I obeyed Him.

I've grown to know you Michele through your site. It's absolutely awesome all because of you and who you are in Him! I understand fully with what you're saying...I'm so there with you.

I'm going to read the site you listed "Pacing 101".

I love you dear sister and I'll be back to visit you often.

Hugs & Blessings,

Denise said...

Praying with you, and for you my dear friend.

Unknown said...

This is a timely post for me since I'm studying for the law school entrance exam, and it aggravates the symptoms of my neck disease. Now off to read the article! Allison

luvmy4sons said...

I think it is very humbling not to be able to do what you want when you want as much as you want. We used to be able to do that as children and now... I find each stage of life brings me new adjustments. And some of my illnesses like fibromylgia and degenerative disc disease have limited me before my time... learning to accept the things you cannot change and listen to your body can be a hard lesson to learn at times but well worth it when you finally do. I find if I can focus more on what I CAN do than what I can't then I listen better! Blessings to you. Thanks for your prayers and friendship. You are in my prayers as well.

Marsha said...

Amen, sis!

I took a nice LONG nap this afternoon because I know this week is going to come at me fast as soon as the alarm goes off tomorrow. I'm praying about how to pace myself this week with 3 major deadlines staring me in the face.
Thanks for the advise. I will listen....promise.

Jennsmere said...

Thanks Michelle,
I can so relate to this. There are days that I feel like someone stole my life from me, and I question why can't I do the things I used to do! There were years that I took a lot of pride in being 'super woman'. Now I am humbled and grateful for each day that I have the energy and pain levels that allow me to accomplish even a small project.
I constantly remind myself that God directs my path and that He is the source of my strength, praise be to His Name!

Bless you,

Debra Kaye said...


It is very hard to keep up when you aren't feeling well and I can relate all too well, my friend. I am blessed when you are able to leave a comment and I am blessed when I stop by and see what you have been inspired by the Lord to share.

You are loved. Big hugs today! never have any pressure from me!

Nancie said...

Praying for you, Michele. I am still learning to pace myself too and it is a great challenge each day :) Thanks for visiting me and praying, and encouraging me. I love you too, and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Laurie Ann said...

Listening to my body is something I am learning to do. Knowing it's limits and praying that I listen more.

Melanie said...

So thankful that we can be strong and courageous in the Lord!

I must admit to not always listening to my body as I should, but it is one of those things I am working on. As a matter of fact, I'm going to listen to it in just a few minutes and head off to bed a little early! :)

Peggy said...

Blessings true your words of wisdom & heeding to the warnings our bodies give. I like it that you say you're preaching to yourself...oh yeah, sister...I get that but you are so health informed & concerned because of the many issues you've been forced to deal with or endure. This is best MISSION you have in keeping us aware as you do of so many health concerns. My prayer is that you would not have to learn it firsthand all the time(lol)!

Very informative as always! Thanks for having shared this at M4M!

I have been praying. I left one at our Lighthouse of Prayer...I thought I read that Denise shared this but I could not find where but I'm sure she did...lifted your daughter & hope the pain is GONE in Jesus Name & all went well in the surgery with no further complications! Praying for you!