Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prayer Requests and Updates on My Family

Prayer Request

My son-in-law, Karl: Still not doing any better. The doctor believes he may have Valley Fever. They did more blood work and xrays. He is still not able to go back to work.

My daughter, Heather: Will be having surgery this coming Thursday, April 16th @ 7:30am to repair a large hole in her eardrum. She has been quite sick. Pray for her nerves... she is stressed over having surgery. Pray for the doctor as well. And for her to not have much pain, and complete healing and peace.

Step-father, Chris: kidney failure, doing well on dialysis, but weak and body wearing out - he's 85 years old.

Our grandson, Travis: Has scoliosis, needs to do physical therapy.

Brother-in-law, Michael: bleeding ulcer and diverticulitis.

Niece, Laura: Missionary in Kenya. About 25 weeks pregnant, doctor saw some fluid on the babies brain. Will have another ultra sound in May.

Brother-in-law Hillary: Had stints put in two blocked arteries and will have one put in another next week. He is still very week and not feeling well. Has lung problems as well.

Nephew, Jeff: Multiple health issues. Also has been unemployed for 3 years. Needs a job as well.

Cousin, Becky: Hip replacement surgery this week.

Jim and I are still planning on going to Pennsylvania via our 25 year old motor home in June to visit mother, step father, and other family members. Pray for finances, travel mercies, and health.

Michele - two very special unspoken prayer requests

Praise Report

My hubby: Second round of antibiotics took care of his pneumonia. Praise the Lord!
Due to the state budget cuts, each school district has had to let go of teachers... Jim was giving a contract for next year... Praise the Lord! Bad new.... 4% pay cut! Good news... he has a job!

Michele (myself) - Been able to walk a half a mile a day! A few months ago I couldn't even go 50 feet! Weight: Down 52 pounds! Continue to pray for my health issues and weight loss (still have 178 more pounds to go!)

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LisaShaw said...


I'm standing with you and your family and Marsha and hers on prayers for your loved ones. I also praise GOD for all that He's doing as well. We stand with you. God is faithful! Jehovah Rapha is our Healer. Praise GOD!

Love you.

MJ said...

Michele ~ I am praying for you and your family. Reading your praise report just made my heart happy! God is good and congratulations to you!

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Hi Michele,

Just wanted you to know I prayed this morning for your requests. I have a brother in law who has Valley Fever. He has had menengitis more times than I can count. Unfortunately, there are only three known medications to treat this illness. He is on the last one and is only 39 years old. So, your prayer request for Karl especially touched my heart.

Praying friend, Joanne

Angela said...

Thanks for letting us know about the updates so we can all pray specifically for these concerns..

praise God for your weight release girl!! yahoooo...and the excerise..that is so awesome..Praise God for the other reports also..God is good...

bp said...

I have been praying for your family. Thanks for sharing these additional requests. It was encouraging to read the praises here. Thanks for posting those!

I look forward to your answer to my question this week, when you have time to stop by.

have a wonderful day!

Amy B said...

Michele..I am praying for your family.
The praise report was wonderful.

Marsha said...

Update on Mike today.... we spent 2 hours at the doctors this morning. His CBC is improving...good news. He's back to all liquid only diet... bad news. He's having a lot of pain on his right side front and back. I'll take him for an ultrasound Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. to check that out and the ulcer area. Then, off to the GI doctor.

Denise said...

Sweetie, I am praying for you, and your dear family. Congrats on your weight loss, way to go girl.

Beth Herring said...

Michele, I will be praying for your list of requests. I praise Him with you for the great praise reports! I hope you have many more praises to lift up.

COngratulations on the weight loss! You can do it and I will be praying for and encouraging you in spirit.


Cathy said...

I prayed about the prayer requests, Michelle. Thank God He is strengthening you. And congratulations on your weight loss. It is very hard. I need to be exercising and losing weight myself.