Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 5 Travel Journal: The Funny Farm!

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Considering what happened to us in Alburqueqe, I thought this cartoon would be appropriate today! LOL...

Hello this is Silly Shelly coming to you live from Stanton/Meramec KOA & Crosseyed Cricket Canoe Company (yes, that’s really the name). We are roughly about 45 miles west of St. Louis, MO. Today was one of those days that all this riding started to drive me crazy that Jim and I both began to act silly. We would read some of the signs along the highway and make silly comments. Especially whenever we would see signs for towns that are normally known for other parts of the country or even other countries; such as, Cuba, Mo, or Las Vegas, NM. We would make the Bugs Bunny comment like the above cartoon! See I told you we were silly! We are losing it! Maybe I get my silliness from my mother. Whenever she’s driving in a parking lot and a person walks in front of her, she will say, “No points today for hitting pedestrians!” Now I find myself saying the same stupid comment!

For Jim and I it has been a beautiful drive. When you come from the desert you appreciate things like: trees, green grass, farms, cloudy days, rain, and even SOME humidity! I said SOME! I still have to get used to humidity. Let’s face it, today in Phoenix, AZ it was 99 degrees and 21 % humidity (high humidity for us). Here in Stanton, MO it is 64 degrees and 83% humidity! I was actually sweating! Jim loves it! His allergies are all cleared up… mine… ugh…! Another thing you may think is strange; today as we passed through Tulsa, OK, I interrupted my husband and screamed… “There’s water in that river!” Yes, people, I know, normally when someone sees a river they would expect to see water right? Not in Arizona! The Aqua Fria River in Phoenix really is free of water! So every time Jim and I would pass a bridge, creek or lake, Jim would ask me if there was water. In Oklahoma there was water, but it was muddy water.

Yes folks, Jim and I are having fun spending time alone and acting silly! I don’t think the animals are amused though. Every time we stop they wonder, are we there yet? Then Jim will start up the engine and poor Chenille will run under the couch, Kylie will jump on the couch, and Baby for some odd reason will jump off the furniture and sit on the floor panting and look sheepishly at us as though we are torturing them! Considering she has bad teeth/gums, she is torturing us with her breathe! Maybe we should have a sign on our RV saying, “The Funny Farm”!

Well, tomorrow we hope to be at the Buckeye Lake, Ohio KOA Kampground. Until then, this is Silly Shelly and Jarhead Jim signing off from the Funny Farm!

Thank you for your continued prayers! They are truly heartfelt!

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Marsha said...

Oh how I remember Silly Shelly from growing up....only it was Shelly Shut up! lol

I'm glad you are enjoying your trip. You deserve this time deserve each other. So torture on!

Love you, lil sis! See you soon.

Kristi said...

Car games are so much fun! Half the fun of the trip is in the getting there. Have a blessed time together!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

It sounds like you guys are having a blast! Being silly keeps you young! I love it. Oh and Bugs Bunny ROCKS!
Happy Friday.

bp said...

I enjoy reading your updates! Glad you are having a fun time.

Susan said...

Have a wonderful time traveling!

I remember those precious Bugs Bunny cartoons, great memory.


Auntie Q said...

Great post! Usually when we see someone "trying to get hit" we say, something like "2 points if I hit him with the door." I like your mom's comment better! :)

Beth in NC said...

I am so glad you two are enjoying each other. What a blessing. Have a great trip!

He & Me + 3 said...

You are too funny michelle. I am cracking up at Jarhead Jimmy. Too much.
Loved the Bugs Bunny clips too. Hope you are on the right path and not lost though. LOL
Be safe.

Jennifer said...

You are so funny! I love reading your travel makes me feel like I am driving with you across country.

I certainly hope you and I can meet when you pass back through here on your way home.

Don't you just love the KOA campgrounds. They are our favorite places to stay...clean, nice and always very friendly people.

Happy traveling, you silly couple and their animals.

Have a great weekend!


Denise said...

You are so much fun, love you.