Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're Ready To Leave!

Picture of our 1984 Motor-home taken last year. This will be our home away from home for about 8 weeks.

We packed the RV, I have checked each room, closet, cupboard, the frig, everywhere for anything we might have forgotten. I have our "last minute" things on the table for us to take in the morning (wait... it is morning... 1:30am). Well, things we will take with us in a few hours. Don't worry, Jim has been in bed for hours already. I will sleep a little on the trip. Okay... I will sleep a lot.

The past two days have been quite interesting. I think Heather and family are trying to keep us home! As they left our place last night, Heather was backing up in the van and someone honked at her from behind. As she pulled forward, she hit the poll of the carport; damaging the left front of the van!

Today, as Karl, our son-law got out of the van, somehow he hit his head on the top of the van which caused a scratch on his head and a big bump on the top of his head. Then we decided to go out for mexican food for dinner with the family. Everyone but me wanted to go to El Pollo Loco... (the Crazy Chicken). I wanted to cheat on my diet, and have a chimichanga. So they all humored me and we went to Manuel's Mexican Restuarant. There was a puddle of cheese on top of everything. Making it greasy (it was chedar cheese). I was smart, and removed the cheese right away. Karl and Travis did not. By the time they got home Karl was in the bathroom... I wonder if he's still in there?

Oh, and Heather's hives have been acting up lately. Could it be nerves? Pray for them! They say they will miss us dearly! My grandson was trying to make me feel guilty for leaving him behind! It didn't work! LOL... They will be fine. We'll miss them too, but it will be nice too for Jim and I to be away.

Well, I better try to get some sleep before Jim wakes up and wants to leave!

Lord willing, we should be in Albuquerque NM Sunday evening. Or will we? We shall see.


Angela said...

"I'm a leaving on a jet plan...I mean a motor home"....I"m singing away as I type this,,LOL..Blessings precious sister...((hugs))

sara said...

I wish we still had our motor home...I miss camping so much...someday!

praying for safe travel!!

luvmy4sons said...


Bless them and keep them as they travel. We ask Your protection upon them on the road. Help them to arrive safely. Bless their trip and return them safely home. We pray Lord Jesus. Amen.

bp said...

Praying for you to have a great trip!

He & Me + 3 said...

Be safe and have fun.

Denise said...

Saying prayers for you to have a safe trip my friend. I love you.