Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 17 Vaction Journal

Psalm 126:2

Tuesday my sister and I had a day to ourselves. Our mother had to get a shot of cortisone in her knee then come back home to rest. This provided an opportunity for Marsha and me to be together. When we get together you never know what we are going to do or say! It’s as though we are crazy teenagers again!

My 5 foot 2 (I think she’s smaller than that!) sister drives a big SUV. Getting in and out of this monstrosity is an adventure to say the least. On the passenger side there are two handles strategically placed. My sister calls these handles her “Oh crap” handles because when the driver takes a wild turn with the vehicle you grab a hold of the handle and say, “Oh crap!” However, I found another reason for the name. Getting into the SUV is not an easy task. I had to grab each handle and lift my leg up high onto the side-board and then as I pull myself up into a standing position to swing myself into the seat, I say, “OOOOHHHH CRAP!” It works every time! I almost feel like I’m on the uneven bars in gymnastics swinging myself on the lower bar to leap onto the higher bar! If I was receiving scores for my performance I would certainly receive perfect 10’s!

There is something else that I have found out about my sister. She does not know how to be quiet!! She has to make some kind of noise at all time! Monday afternoon she was in the back seat of mom’s car talking, humming, singing, or just making some kind of noise! I asked her if she could be quiet until we get home (just a few blocks probably). NOPE! She didn’t even make it a block! She laughed and said, “I just can’t do it!” Now mind you, this is my OLDER sister! A 56 year old woman!

After our adventurous trip (I cannot tell you where we went since I had no idea where we were and I admit I have no sense of direction!), Marsha and I were to come home and make dinner. As I was getting the food out of the fridge, Marsha went into the bathroom to wash her hands. She came out with our mothers shower cap on her head and said she is ready to prepare the food! Our mother just rolled her eyes and said, “Marsha, put my cap back!” Reluctant, but obediently, Marsha put the cap back and came out to help with the dinner. Mom was supposed to relax, but for some reason she didn’t seem to trust Marsha and I together in her kitchen so she stayed to supervise. I wonder why?

Today, Wednesday, Marsha and I are taking our mother to a Tea Room for “High Tea” in my favorite place in the entire world – Hershey, Pennsylvania!! It has to be a good place- the tea room is located on CHOCOLATE DRIVE!!! Oh people, it can’t get any better than this! Do you think Marsha and I can behave ourselves while at the tea room? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


Addicted to Beadz said...


Sounds like tons of fun! Thanks for the laughs and for sharing!


Saleslady371 said...

No, I don't think you two can behave yourselves at Tea today. I can't wait to hear tomorrow's post.

Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT pic!! Loving the Scripture with it too - of course! ;-) Love the song too.
~Hugs, HL

Amydeanne said...

high tea! now that's something fun! lol you've got me smiling!

Denise said...

Thanks for always making me smile, love you bunches.