Monday, June 8, 2009

We're all One Serious Illness Away From Finanical Hardship

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If you are an American who has health insurance, one would hope that you wouldn’t lose all financial security over one minor illness, right?

In fact, Dr. Deborah Thorne, Professor of Sociology at Ohio University and co-author of a study by Harvard on bankruptcies, believes that our health system “…is so dysfunctional that even the most mundane illness or injury can result in bankruptcy.”

I know many of you are suffering from financial hardships right now that some of us cannot even fathom. To continue with this post please click here:


Denise said...

We need to pray without ceasing for one another, love you my friend.

luvmy4sons said...

Love the new picture at the top! Having insurance I am often under finanacial hardship just to pay our portion! I cannot imagine those who do not have it! I am glad that God is sovereign...but as Denise noted...we need to pray without ceasing!

Laurie Ann said...

You had me at the headline! I love it. We do need to pray, that's for sure.