Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 45 - Travel Journal - All My Ex's Live In Texas

No, I have not been married before! It's just I can't get that song out of my mind! I have been singing songs about the states we are in or even making up songs. I am driving Jim crazy! But he's used to it! He better be... it's been 35 years of ME!!! LOL!!!

Today, Monday, July 6th, we traveled 526 miles from Morrilton, Arkansas to Amarillo, TX. Oh, the I-40 is just terrible! We feel like we have been beat up! We pray the motor home doesn't fall apart. Our poor 13 year old dogs are doing so well. They are such troopers! And our cat.. well... whoever knew a cat that actually doesn't mind traveling. She just hates all the bumping of the roads though. But whenever it is fairly smooth she is out and wandering around or looking out the window. When we finally get to our destination for the night they are all relieved as we are that we finally have stopped all the banging and bumping around. You should see me trying to move around while we are moving. Thankfully we have a bathroom I can use whenever I need to without stopping. We would not get anywhere if we had to pull over at a rest area every hour! LOL... Sometimes I sit up front with Jim and we talk, laugh or I just drive him crazy with my silly noises or songs. Then I will get tired and chase poor Kylee off the couch so I can lay down to try to nap and try NOT to fall off the couch when we hit a big bump. We usually only stop about 2 or 3 times in a 10 hour period. Oh, and someone mentioned that I should have lots of great pictures! NOT! You have not traveled with my hubby! You see things on the fly by. Most of my pictures I have shared have been from my cell phone camera from the window! I'm serious! I'm amazed how well the cell phone takes pictures. I just wish I could zoom with my camera. Anyway. I hope to share more pics in the coming days. We have been having problems with Internet connection at our campsites. They are so slow. Sometimes I just cannot get on.

I think the most exciting thing we did today was eat breakfast at a Flying J Truck Stop in Carrie Underwood's home town of Checotah,OK. I know, whoopee! LOL... The least they could do is have a sign of her at the restaurant so I could take a picture! LOL....

The KOA Campground in Amarillo, TX is out in the middle of almost nowhere. We are by the railroad tracks, an airport and right behind us are about 50 head of black Angus cattle. As I have been writing the train has gone by, an airplane, and the cattle are Mooing! Oh, and let's not forget what I saw about an hour ago... One of the casino's in town has free limousine service to the casino. So someone was picked up by a big white limo with a big longhorn horns on the hood! I kid you not! I am truly reminded that I am in Texas! LOL!! Oh, and we also had a quick storm pass by in only 15 minutes and gone! Yes, we truly in the west now.

Well, until tomorrow. I pray you all are doing well. I miss you! Keep praying.

God bless you!

Baby hoping we have stopped for good!
No such luck.... We only stopped for gas and soda!

Yes, even my, uh, my cat's stuffed monkey is going crazy! Kylee checking to see if daddy is coming back soon.
Pretty cool shot.. I am taking this from my window looking at the side mirror reflection. That's Jim filling up the RV... We won't say how much that cost! Ouch!

Yes, I am bored!!

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