Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 47 - Travel and Prayer Update

Well we have figured something out about our motor home - it does not like hot weather! As many of you know, when we started out on our almost 5,000 mile trip, our motor home broke down about 35 miles west of Albuquerque, NM. As we continued to get closer to the cooler weather of the east, the motor home worked like a champ. Now, as we return home to Phoenix, AZ and we got into hotter weather in near Amarillo, TX, it started to "act up" again. We had spent Monday night in Amarillo, and started on our trek closer to home and about 150 miles from Albuquerque the motor home started acting up again. We continued to nurse the home as we got closer and closer to Albuquerque going only 35 to 45 miles an hour most of the time. We made it to the same mechanic that fixed our motor home the last visit. They believe it has something to do with the temperature and will need to put some type of a cooling device on to keep the fuel cool. We will know more tomorrow as they work on it first thing in the morning. So in the mean time we drove it a mile away to the same KOA campground as before so we and the animals can have a good night's sleep.

So pray that they can fix the motor home, and we can leave tomorrow afternoon and finally make it home to Phoenix, AZ later Wednesday night. Temp's in Albuquerque will reach 97 degrees tomorrow. This means it will be much hotter in the deserts of AZ! So pray for us! Today was especially hard on us all. We had to waste about 4 hours this afternoon driving around with the AC on in the car so we and the animals would be fine. We did not have the kitty with us as she hid under the couch in the RV; so she was in the very hot RV with no air! By the time we got it to the KOA around 5:00 or so this evening the RV was extremely hot and she was panting quite a bit. I feel so bad! She is doing fine now. It is still taking some time to cool the hot RV. It is 9:45 pm and I finally feel some relief! Jim and the animals are all sleeping peacefully and I will do the same real soon. We have a big day ahead of ourselves. Early morning temps should be in the 70's so if they get to the RV right away like they said, it should not get too hot inside. Jim will stay with the RV and the animals at the shop and the KOA will allow me to sit in their computer room while I wait for Jim. If they need something I will just be a few minutes away via the car.

Thank you again for all your prayers. We greatly appreciate your continued prayers.

God bless you.


Jennsmere said...

Will be thinking of you and praying for your safe arrival home!! Sending cool breezes your way!

Bless you, sweet Michele...

Denise said...

Sending many prayers your way sweet friend.

Donetta said...

Well your on the home stretch. It is hot here so it is good that this is solved there. Your going to have an opportunity to share there I would think so keep your eyes open and just enjoy your day best your able to.

bp said...

Hope everything is going well for you all today.