Sunday, August 2, 2009

Praise and Prayer Reqeust For Our Family

The Lord has always been so faithful to us throughout our years. This week the Lord has lead me to our new "homes". Both are 5th wheel trailers. Heather and family will live in one, and we in an another. We will live at the campground that Jim and I stayed at while we were back in PA earlier this summer. Lickdale Campground is open year round and have monthly rates at discounted prices. Heather's "home" will be delivered Monday afternoon, our "home" will hopefully be delivered within the next couple of weeks.

We praise the Lord for leading us to our new homes. They may be older trailers and small compared to regular homes or apartments, but they are nice and have all the necessary comforts of home.

God is good. He promises to provide for our needs. Continue to pray for my hubby, Heather, Karl, Travis, and our animals as they are on the last leg of their trip back home to PA. Their plan is to arrive sometime tomorrow (Monday).

Continue to pray:

We both will need Queen mattress beds for our "homes".

We all need to get our PA drivers licenses and ID on Tuesday.

Jim and I need a car for under $5,000.

We all need to apply for food, financial, and health care assistance with Lebanon County Office this week.

Karl is still awaiting unemployment pay.

Karl needs a job.

Possibility of part-time jobs for Heather and I. (Anyone know anything I can do online?)

Jim would like to become an adjutant teacher for a college while he is teaching bible at the Christian School.

Good health and rest for the family.

Travis will be entering a new High School. Pray for good Christian friends, and that he will adjust well to his new surroundings and education.

That we will not over stay our welcome at mom's and for her health to hold up as well.

For Heather and family to find a church home and friends.

For Jim and I to find a church home and friends.

That I can reconnect with family and friends.


Debbie Petras said...

Michele, there's much that you are trusting the Lord with. But nothing is impossible for Him. Praise our Sovereign Lord. He knows each one of your needs and He understands the motives of your heart. I will join you in praying about these very important needs. So many times we take housing and food for granted but these really are tough times in which we are now living. But I just know that you will impact those who come in contact with you. Michele, you can't help but spread the love of Jesus. I know because I got to meet you in person. And for that I'm very thankful.

Denise said...

God will bless your faithfullness, love you.

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful blog. I will be praying for you and your family. And you are so right...God is good and He provides all we need. Have a blessed week! :)

Angela said...

I asked everyone to pray for all of you on my Fearless Friday meme...I will continue to pray sis for the list of requests here..God IS good...I praise God for His finding you homes...((hugs))

Karen said...

Will be praying for needs to met and transitions to go smoothly....

Alleluiabelle said...

Sweet Sister,

I'm praying for all of the needs that you posted. God will provide! You are a faithful one and He knows you inside and out...Yes He Will Provide!

I love you..


Charlotte said...

You and your family have stepped out in faith and I know God will honor that. There is nothing better or more important than being with those you love and who love you.
I just passed an award on to you and the other ladies we had lunch with at Gooseberries.
I'm praying for you that all your needs will be met.