Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday -

To many times I find myself consumed with the struggles and challenges of life that I fail to see just how much my Heavenly Father loves me. In a world that will fail us in some way every day of our lives, it is so difficult at times to fathom in this little brain of mine that God's love for me is unconditional, unfailing and unwavering.

God has been sending me "love notes" through loved ones such as blogging friends, family members and even strangers! In the past few weeks I have received encouraging notes, prayers, CD's, monetary gifts, books, clothing, food, and even a little TV with a VCR attached!

Our gracious heavenly Father has reminded me through these generous and caring people that He will provide our needs!

My caseworker at the Welfare office is diligently working to get me approved for medical assistance. I believe without a doubt that I will receive this coverage. I have met some amazing people these past few weeks as I have been trying to get medical care. Some are people who struggling just like me too to get assistance and they are encouraging me to keep the faith! Some are doctors and nurses who have given me free medications to help me get by until my health care becomes approved!

So as I humbly sit here on this cold, rainy fall day, I am thankful that I have the warmth of my trailer; a loving husband who will do ANYTHING for me; a daughter who went out in this cold rain to get the ingredients to make homemade soup because I requested soup today; a son-in-law who will take out Kylee because it is difficult for me to walk this week; a grandson who even at 15 years old still gives his old grandma a kiss!; an 86 year old mother who will drive me to my appointments; family and friends who diligently pray for us on a daily basis; and most of all the unfailing love of my blessed Savior!

As I take a sip of my hot chocolate I think to myself....What more can a girl want?

I am truly Blessed!!!

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Melissa said...

God bless you! It's not always easy to be thankful when you are struggling with illness. I've been there recently myself. Your post today was a blessing to me!

Praying that you will receive the medical assistance you need sooner rather than later!

He & Me + 3 said...

You are blessed Michele. So glad to hear from you. WE have a savior that loves us and we are blessed.

Karen said... are blessed...and you are a blessing to others as well...

Nancie said...

Hi Michele,

Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. It is very encouraging to read of God's goodness and mercies to you and your recognition of His love through all these. Really enjoyed your post! Thanks for visiting me. It's so good to hear from you. I missed you so. Take care and may God continue to shower His love and mercies upon you daily. May He continue to provide for all your needs and medical assistance.

Keeping you in prayers,

bp said...

So encouraging to read about your blessings! God is good!

i said...

You have such a thankful heart, Michele! Praying that you'll get the medical assistance, praying for God's healing and good health to be upon you.

Denise said...

Praying for God to continue pouring blessings all over your family. I love you.

Alleluiabelle said...

Precious Sister,

I love you and I'm praying for you sweet friend. Oh how we do go through the trials and sometimes our endurance seems to stretch out for oh so long, but He is always with us, never leaving us alone.

What a blessing you are to me and I am so thankful to our Lord that you are being blessed in so many ways right now during such a trying time. He will provide, yes He will provide.

Love you my sweet friend and I'm sending my {{{prayers and hugs}}} as I type this.

Peace, Love, Prayers & Many Blessings to you and your family,

Pa-Dutch-Travel said...
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Pa-Dutch-Travel said...

I have awarded you the Honest Scrap award! :-)

Debbie said...

I will join the others in praying that you get that medical care as soon as possible. It can be soo frustrating sometimes. Isn't it wonderful how God shows us His love and concern through the action of those around us? You have really blessed me this morning. Yes, we truly are all soo blessed. Debbie