Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prayer Request For Lisa Copen of Rest Ministries

Lisa Copen of Rest Ministries following her hand surgery of joint replacements. She is in what the physical therapist called the "honeymoon phase" (what??) and the "real pain" should hit next Wednesday on day 14 following joint replacement surgery in the four knucles of her left hand . . thanks for all the prayers!

Lisa's mom is with her helping her, (Lisa has a very active 6 year old son). Since her range of motion is so bad on her right side too (shoulder, wrist, hand, etc.), Lisa says she can't even pull up her own pants without assistance! She will have this split on for 6 weeks, 24 hours a day, and then at least another 6 weeks at night following that.

Lisa says, "It's all very humbling. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes, They (and pain meds) are keeping me going!"


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wow, that does not look fun. praying for her quick recovery and healing.