Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update from Michele Concerning Travis

15 year old Travis is in serious condition in the hospital due to toxic drug poisoning.

Travis had dialysis during the night which reduced the toxin levels to half, but still not enough. He is back on dialysis right now.

During the night he may have aspirated vomit. He has a lot of crackling in his chest. A respiratory therapist is also with him now.

He's had no convulsions in several hours, a good thing.

He's in extreme pain due to the port in his groin for dialysis. He can only have minimal pain meds because of the toxicity level in his system.

Please pray for his pain levels and no permanent damage. Also, he's actually getting weaker, which could be stress related. Pray for his strength to endure all his body is going through right now. They've called in a kidney specialist because his kidneys are trying to shut down.

His parents can't be in the room with him right now because of being on dialysis. They are only seeing a swarm of doctors and nurses going in and out. Obviously they are all stressed and need our prayers. Travis's parents are Heather (my niece) and Karl.

Michele and Jim aren't even there right now and trying to get to back over to the hospital as soon as possible to be with their family.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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Donetta said...

Oh baby I'll pray for the sweet kid. Accidental?