Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Did Not Blow Away!

This is my family’s first “real winter” in 21 years. As most of you know we moved from warm and sunny Phoenix, Arizona to the beautiful farming Amish country in Pennsylvania. I must admit, there is a part of me that wishes she was still in Phoenix, AZ! Only a small part! Just the parts of me that are FREEZING! Ha, Ha! Can you believe the arctic weather that is in much of the country right now? This past weekend we had fierce winds. Some gusts up to 60 mph! Living in a recreational vehicle (5th wheel trailer), there were moments my husband and I would look wide-eyed at each other as the winds blew as to say, “hold on for your life honey!” Amazingly enough, we fared well as we stayed fairly warm in our trailer and we did not blow away!

As I look outside my kitchen window while I type, there is still snow on the ground from the snow we received before Christmas. The trees are bare as their leaves have been gone for over a month now. There is a scattering of pine trees as well as the dozen or so trailers left in the campground of full-time campers like us who are braving the elements. There are snow flurries blowing around, but not enough to make a difference in the accumulation of snow covering the ground. There is a breeze sweeping through the campground but nothing like this weekend. Praise the Lord! The high temperature today is supposed to be around 30 degrees. One of the “warmer” days we will have in the next 7 days according to the weatherman. So we will continue to bundle up in layers whenever we go outside, and we will wear our sweaters inside and drink hot tea or coco and thank the Lord for our propane heat! I must admit, I would not have made a very good early settler of this country; I cherish the modern necessities we have today. Praise the Lord!

I pray you and your families stay warm and have a blessed day!


sara said...

oh my! i am with you, I would not make a good settler either!!

Karen said...

Lord, please provide the modern necessities every day...I love to watch Little House on the Prairie...but would rather not live it....