Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Word Filled Wednesday & Family Update


Hello! How is everyone doing today?
My family and I are hanging in there. We are staying warm; we have running water; and food in the pantry. What more could we ask for? Well…. I guess a few more things.
Prayer Needs:
Heather and family are having electrical problems in their trailer.
They still need prayers regarding their finances.
Our financial needs.
Health issues.
I will need to find a disability lawyer to help with an appeal.
Last Friday my mom and I spent the day with each other. It would have been my step-father’s 86th Birthday. We had lunch together then we went to the mall to walk around to get some much needed exercise. Of course being women, we couldn’t resist window shopping. Mom bought herself an early birthday present. A beautiful red winter coat. She looks so pretty in red; the coat looks like it was made for her! After walking the mall we sat down to have a nice chat while we sipped on sodas.
On Saturday, Jim and I took a ride to visit a family from the school Jim works at. They live on a lovely 1820’s farm with some interesting history. The gentleman’s parents live on a 1776 farm. Talk about history there too! Wherever you drive around here you can see so many beautiful homes, farms and other buildings that were around before or around our countries “birth”. It’s wonderful that there are still people who desire to keep our American history alive.
Sunday was a cool rainy day. We spent the afternoon with my mom. She made another delicious meal. My mom still likes to experiment with new recipes. She made a delicious scallop corn dish with corn meal in it. Jim could have eaten the whole dish by himself! Mom also made something I had never heard of; she made Lemon Sponge Pie. For someone who will be 87 years old next month, she has not lost her touch with cooking. Of course like always, mom sets a beautiful table as well. After dinner, Heather, Travis, mom and I played Phase 10. For some reason they all gang up on me… but to no avail… I still won! When will they ever learn? Ha, ha!
Monday we went to Harrisburg to pick up my special shoes that the insurance paid. They fit extremely well, so hopefully they will help me as I try to take walks as the weather permits.
Not extremely busy days, but days spent making memories with family and friends.


He & Me + 3 said...

Memories with family are the best. So glad that you are doing well, but I will pray for the requests.

Donetta said...


Nancie said...

Hi Michele,

I am keeping you and family in prayers. May God bless and provide for you and family.

Warm regards,

LisaShaw said...

Glad I was able to stop by Sis and I'm praying for you and your family and Marsha and her family.

Love and hugs! Keep pressing in.

bp said...

So nice to read about your recent events, Michele. I'll have to tell your Mom in a letter that you were bragging on the delicious meal she prepared. Sounds yummy!

We got a card game called Slam, do you all have that one? It is a Scrabble type game to change one letter of the four letter word to make a new word. Fun!

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kanishk said...

So glad that you are doing well, but I will pray for the requests.

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Debbie said...

Sounds like you had some wonderful times with your mother this week! I think it is great your mother still cooks and likes to get out :) Will pray for you...


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ozjane said...

And nothing surprises Him, He has promised to make your way perfect.
I pray that the Holy Spirit will take these needs you have mentioned and bring them to the throne of Grace in the precious name of Jesus and that the Sovereign will of God will be carried out in the answers to these prayers that I cannot utter completely but the Holy Spirit can.
Be of good cheer.....He is the Lord of Lords.

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