Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Helping Others

Yesterday I was awaken to the sound of sawing and hammering outside my front door (well only door! ha ha). As soon as I was able to get my "head" together, and put my robe on, I opened the door to see a young gentleman from the church we attend. He quickly announced that he was there to build a ramp for us.

I was so excited! Now I can go in and out of our trailer without the fear of falling down the steps as well as without the pain each step causes in my knees.
The church we attend has a ministry within the church to assist those who have a need; almost any kind of need. You share your need and they send out the request to the church family and see if there is someone out there that can fill that need.
Below is an article from Rest Ministries sharing some caregiver ministries. I would love to know if your church has some form of ministry within the church that helps meet the needs of others as well as maybe a ministry to those with chronic illness.

November 14, 2009
by Rest Ministries

We are eager to hear of other Christian caregiver resources. Please post them in the comments section below and we will add them to our page. Stephen Ministries 

They offer courses and ministry systems to fit the needs of every congregation and adult education ministry. Lay caregivers (called Stephen Ministers) provide one-to-one Christian care to the bereaved, hospitalized, terminally ill, separated, divorced, unemployed, relocated, and others facing a crisis or life challenge. Stephen Ministry helps pastors enhance caring ministry by ensuring that quality follow-up care is available for as long as it is needed.

Illness-Disability-Healthcare-Caregiver Ministry Network
Join this social networking group developed by Rest Ministries to get to know others who have the same passions for caregiver ministry.

Equipping to Encourage
Dedicated to helping people provide emotional and spiritual encouragement to patients and their caregivers, especially those facing cancer. Resources for
starting or leading a Christian-based cancer support group; becoming a Christian patient advocate; and incorporating faith and medicine as a healthcare professional.

Hometouch Ministry
A ministry for the homebound. Each week, a church can send homebound members a personal package from their church. It will contain two pages printed in large type for easy reading, reminding them of how much they are remembered and loved.

Bright Light Ministry
Though this ministry is not specifically for caregivers, the passion behind caregiving for a loved one is what kicked off this amazing ministry by two sisters in their twenties who witnessed the love between their grandparents, and how Alzheimer’s Disease never diminished this love. Stacie Stoelting speaks on the subject of caregiving frequently and has a book “Still Holding Hands” about her grandparent’s story.


Susan said...

Oh what a BEAUTIFUL testimony.

The body of Christ, doing what it is supposed to do!!

Have a blessed WFW♥

bp said...

That makes me smile Michele! That's a great ministry, what a nice surprise to wake up to!

Nic said...

What a wonderful church to belong to! Our church is much the same way. We have a pastor of caring ministries and he makes sure that stuff like your needs are taken care of. Thank you for sharing that today, sweet sister! :-)

luvmy4sons said...

What a blessing. So wonderful!

Karen said...

Such a sweet picture for that scripture...and the ministries you mentioned as so important...and vital...for a church of any size to join in and serve...that is what it's all about, after all...

Cathy said...

That is such a wonderful blessing for you, Michele. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Hugs ~

Kaye Swain said...

What a wonderful ministry. We've been blessed to see these ministries in a couple of our churches over the years and they are such an encouragement to the people they help.

ozjane said...

My knees can share that blessing with you.....such a wonderful gift.
God who provides.

Amydeanne said...

congrat's on your knew domain!!

Melanie said...

Wow.. what a wonderful blessing you received from your church!

We have a great Stephen ministry team at our church.