Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prayer Request

Today, Wednesday, March 31st, we will have our RV's moved 25 miles northeast away from where we are currently living. This new campground will be much closer to Jim's work as well as give Karl an opportunity to try to get a full time job. We will be living in the county I was born as well as live about 20 miles from the city I was born. Another good thing is we will not be too much further away from my mother.

We will still be living in a farming area. Actually our campground borders farm land! It is a smaller campground with more full time campers, and a pond/lake that is stocked with fish (bummer, only catch and release fishing though).

We are looking forward to visiting churches and hoping to find a wonderful church family. We will be able to keep our doctors. Travis will continue to home-school.

Please keep us in your prayers as we have the RV's moved. We also have some packing to do as well. Heather has been very sick with an upper respiratory infection, and Karl hurt his back at work. Jim and I are moving a bit slower due to our chronic pain/ chronic illnesses. The rainy days have been hard on us. Pray the trailers do not get stuck in the mud as we have had quite a bit of rain. Also pray the wind lets up so it will not effect the move. Pray for the man that will go back and forth from campgrounds to move our trailers. Pray for healing and strength for us all. Pray for travel mercies for trailers, us, and animals.


sara said...

you got it!

Alleluiabelle said...

I love you Michele! My prayers will be said for all of these things. My mind and heart are with you sweet sister.

{{{Big Hugs}}}

Karen said...

Praying for all these needs to be met.....