Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prayer Update on My Family

We all moved to another campground that is much closer to Jim's job. It is about 25 miles northeast of where we previously were living and only four miles further than before to see my mom. Karl continues to look for a full-time job. Please continue to pray for their needs. He is still taking online classes for his associates degree in business. Travis continues with home-school as well. When he finishes with school he picks up his fishing pole and walks down to the large pond/small lake that is about 100 feet from us to enjoy catch and release fishing. Although he is bummed that he has to throw them back. But there are many places around to go fishing. So I am sure we will have fish this spring and summer. Heather is kept busy as the chauffeur the three of us.

So far this spring has been above normal temperatures - high 70's and 80's! Almost summer weather! But after the harsh winter we had it is nice to have some warmer weather. The way we set our trailer, I can sit at the table as I write and look out the window and see the pond and beautiful buds and blossoms on the trees and hear the geese and ducks. We are also surrounded by green grass and look forward to planting flowers. Yesterday we had the smell of cow manure from the farmers getting their fields ready for crops. I kept looking around the trailer to see if the animals had had an accident until I realized it came from outside. All around us are farms that either raise crops or cows for dairy. So beautiful!

Pray that we all find a church that we can call our "home". I'm sure we will be busy visiting churches this spring in our new location.

The people in our new campground are very helpful and friendly. It is a much smaller campground with mostly permanent and seasonal people. So it is a much quieter place to live.

Jim continues to love his job at The King's Academy. Pray for his back pain. As most of you know he has degenerative disk disease and arthritis. He is in constant pain, but he rarely complains. He continues to take great care of me as well. I praise the Lord daily for him as well as Heather, Karl and Travis who all assist me from time to time. I have my chronic illnesses, but God continues to be faithful. The Lord is my hope and renews my strength each day.


renewd42 said...

will pray with and for ...your family! thanks for sharing! NICE BLOG, glad I found you! feel free to stop by my blog and join?? blessings!! Lisa

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand said...

Michele, I will continue to pray for you and your family. May our Lord lift each of you up and give all of you the peace, courage and joy that only He can bring. God bless, Lloyd

Karen said...

Always in my prayers, Michele....

LisaShaw said...


Praying for you and your family.

Stay encouraged in the LORD!

Come on over. You have a blessing gift awaiting you.

Much love!

luvmy4sons said...

Thanks for the update...sounds a like a lovely place you moved to. Will keep you in prayer. Give your hubby a hug from me...I too have degenerative disc disease with a titanium cage in my back and rhematoid arthritis and fibromyalgia...I find more and more people all the time who suffer with various ailments. But God is good!

Kristi said...

It is so good to see an update. May His peace that surpasses all understanding be yours.

Charlotte said...

Sounds like you are in a very pleasant place. Seems a lot different from AZ. Do you miss us and ever think you'll return?
I'm praying for your needs.