Monday, July 12, 2010

Journey of Change - His Will Be Done

As I had mentioned in my previous “Journey of Change” entry, we – mostly me, were neither ready nor prepared in the preceding years for the challenges that were ahead of us the first year/s in Pennsylvania. I was set in my ways; content in our living arrangements and lifestyle. We ministered in a church for 12 years, and Jim also had a second job as a public school teacher which offered health insurance and retirement benefits. We had a comfortable home with a built in swimming pool in our desert landscaped back yard. Why should we move and start all over again? Especially when we are in our 50’s! It just did not make sense and I was just too ill and tired to even think about moving! No, for me staying right where we were made much more sense. So each time the Lord nudged our hearts to consider moving, I would make all kinds of excuses and dig my heels even further into my will and ignore God’s will.

Let me just share right now – it does not matter how stubborn you can be – God’s Will-will always prevail! Instead of heeding to His will when He started nudging us five years earlier, God had to get our attention big time!

First, my health declined even further. Then, we made some unfortunate financial decisions and eventually lost our home. In so doing, we had to down size from our 1800 sq ft home with attic and two car garage to an 800 sq ft apartment! We had a yard sale along with giving away what was left. We spent the next 15 months adjusting to living on and in much less. You know what? We did not mind it at all! It actually felt cleansing to get rid of all the stuff we had carried around with us for 34 years of marriage (now 36 years).

The Lord finally had our attention. I know, we are a little hard headed!

At this time, 2008 and part of 2009, the Lord was working on the hearts of family members as well as our church. On the family front, Jim and I lost two parents five months apart; Jim’s mother December 2008, and my step father May 2009. We had already lost both our fathers in 1998 and 1999. By now my heart was aching to live back east near my mother (now 87yrs old). I had been away from Pennsylvania since 1976 – I wanted to come home and reconnect with family once again. But how was this going to happen? The economy is bad; lack of jobs; and Jim’s age could go against him as well. How do I let Jim know I am now ready to heed to the Lord’s leading? I prayed to ask the Lord to show us both during our vacation (summer of 2009) exactly what He desires from us. I did not fully expect the answer we received….

Stay tune for the continuation of our “Journey of Change”……


LisaShaw said...

You're on an incredible journey in the Lord and I like where you said, "God's will will" be done! That's for sure!!! And there's no other way but HIS way and will and I like it like that although there are times it can be stretching and uncomfortable but it's always for our good. He's a good and faithful GOD!

I pray God's blessings over you and your family. Much love!

Karen said...

Amen! Having a stubborn streak myself, I know how the Lord will get our attention by any means necessary...but of course it always turns out for our good...thank you for sharing your journey of faith!

Saleslady371 said...

I think downsizing is cleansing too. I can understand how hard it would be to relocate!