Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Journey of Change - With God All Things Are Possible

“For with God nothing will be impossible.”

(Luke 1:37)

As I mentioned in previous “Journey of Change” posts, I had become content, even secure in our comfortable lifestyle in Arizona. My husband had employment with benefits; we had a house; and a ministry – what more could we ask for?

Since 1976 we have lived across the US far from my side of the family (except for 4 years in upstate NY). Silently I had kept my desire to live closer to my family from my husband. I knew that I had to follow where the Lord led Jim – us to minister.

Jim and I had decided to take advantage of the six weeks he had off from school and church in the summer of 2009 to not only go back to bury my stepfather, but to take this opportunity to seek the Lord’s will concerning the next stage in our lives. Little did we know what He required of us in the coming months.

I must say that I was surprised that I had such peace in my heart as to moving back to Pennsylvania. Don’t get me wrong, a part of my heart had always been back here because of my cherished family and friends. But this time I had no doubts as to where we were to live. I didn’t know anything else – where exactly we would live and how, or what jobs were available for my husband; but I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that we were to come back “home”. Jim on the other hand was little more reserved on the idea. He loves the northeast, but his thoughts were – how will we live? And what kind of job can a 56 year old man find in this economy? Jim had decided to apply for teaching jobs both public schools and private. We had a big “stop sign” when it came to the public schools in PA. They would not accept Jim’s Arizona teaching certificate, even though he was certified in Arizona to teach and had been teaching for about 5 years as a certified teacher with an accredited master’s degree in education. Jim went to the state office of education in Pennsylvania to find out that he need about 23 more credit hours plus take several tests in order to be considered for a certification in Pennsylvania. I know, it does not make sense. Now his only hope for a teaching position would be in the private sector. We now had only a few days left in PA before we would leave to visit my sister in NC on our way back to Arizona. I knew we were to move out here, but Jim really wanted to secure some kind of employment before we moved. Finally a few days before we were to leave Jim received a phone call from a Christian School located about 30 plus miles from my mother. Jim met with them, and a few days later we left Pennsylvania believing that God will supply. A few days after we arrived in NC, Jim received a phone call from the Christian school that the job of Bible teacher for 7th through 12th grades was his. We were both excited but at the same time a little cautious – taking this job would mean making a third of what he makes in Arizona between his two jobs (pastor and teacher). It would also mean living in what is considered poverty level, with no insurance or any other benefits! I told Jim I did not care what we would need to do, I knew we were to finally come back home.

On our way back to Arizona we had wondered how we would tell everyone about our decision to move – especially our daughter and family. Two days before we arrived home we received a very emotional phone call from our daughter. Her husband had lost his job and effective August 1st they would be homeless. We told her what we were going to do and they decided they would move as well.

As soon as we returned to Arizona, Jim told the elders and the then the church our decision to leave. Within a couple of weeks we were to get rid of even more “stuff” than we did the prior year when we moved from our house to the apartment. After all, we had no idea as to what we were going to live in when we returned to Pennsylvania. Our old motor home we had for the last several years for vacations had given up the ghost in Albuquerque, NM. (to read more about our vacation and RV experience the summer of 2009 click here.) We were thinking we would live in that until something else opened up. I would need to go back a week ahead of the family to secure a place to live for both families as well as establish residency so I could apply for welfare health insurance before our current health insurance ran out September 1st.

I knew this would not be an easy task, but I had peace the Lord would direct me to the right place and that He would supply all our needs.

I had one week to find a place to live for both families. Nothing is impossible with God!

Stay tuned for more highlights regarding our “Journey of Change”.

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