Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Physcial Health: Lyme Disease

 What is the History of
Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease Made Its Debut in 1975

Interestingly, the disease only became apparent in 1975 when mothers of a group of children who lived near each other in Lyme, Connecticut, made researchers aware that their children had all been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This unusual grouping of illness that appeared "rheumatoid" eventually led researchers to the identification of the bacterial cause of the children's condition, what was then called "Lyme disease" in 1982.

This past month my sister, Marsha found out she has Lyme Disease.  The only "symptom" she had was a "bullseye rash" on her arm.    I went on the Internet and Googled "circular rash.  The first thing that came up were pictures that looked just like Marsha's arm (that is her arm) with articles about Lyme disease.  I shared this information with Marsha and suggested she sees a doctor here in PA.  After pondering over the information and asking others what she should do, she decided to go to urgent care and guess what?  "Dr. Williams" was right!  I wish I was wrong though concerning this one sis!  But hey....sometimes little sis knows best!

Moral of the story...you can find so much info on the Internet.  Utilize the Internet as a TOOL, but not necessarily the ONLY thing to use regarding diagnosis of health issues.  It always helps to be informed, but doctors will need to perform further tests as well as provide treatment. 

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Marsha said...

And I thank you, "Doctor Williams" for your diagnosis! I'm making progress and a follow up visit today was very positive.

Love you.