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Diet Resources

Get Your Heart and Head together -  "Winning the Battle of the Bulge" It's not just about weight.  By Mary Englund Murphy - * "This was a major tool/help in my success so far of loosing 180 lbs. and going....."Michele Williams. 


 The Latest Diets and Diet Plan Reviews

BMI Calculator:  
Body Type Calculaor

Calculate TDEE – Daily Calorie Requirements

 Calorie Burned Activity Calculator:

Calorie Calculator

Calorie Counting Apps:
Calorie King

Choose My

Consumer's Guide to Obesity Weight Loss Surgery

Cooking Light

Date and Time to Reach Goal Calculator:

Dessert Calorie Calculator

Diet Plans

Doties Weight Loss Zone - Restaurants

Exercise Plans You can Help Create  

Beginner's Guide to Protein

Protein Content Chart

Meal Planning & Tools

Meals Matter provides meal planning, recipes, and tools for healthy living and eating.
Eating Well is a great site for healthy recipes, tools, and articles.
Cooking Light - Meal Planning and Recipe ideas for free!
American Dietetic Assocation provides healthy meal planning, nutrition, and cooking tips and resources
Nutrition/ Wellness Information Resources

Healthy Recipes

Access the database for over 30,000 recipes!
All Recipes provide a vast collection of recipes and tips.
Find hundreds of healthy living recipes including low-fat, low-sodium, and heart healthy recipes at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Center.
Kaiser Permanente: Dr. Maring's Farmers' Market and Recipe Updates.
Healthy Recipes from
Search a database from the American Heart Association's Delicious Decisions for healthy recipes for appetizers to desserts and everything in between!
Enjoy Heart Healthy Meals from the American Heart Association.
EveryDay Healthy Meals from California Department of Public Health. Spanish version.
Healthy Latino Recipes from California Department of Public Health.
Food Day Recipes  - a collection of a variety of delicious, healthful, easy-to-prepare recipes from some of the country’s most prominent chefs and cookbook writers.
WebMD - healthy recipes, food news, and expert answers to your diet questions.   American Dietetics web site

Exercise Calculaor

EZ Meals

Faith and Fitness Magazine

Fit Day - Free Weight Loss Journal

Diet Tools:

Heart Rate Calculator:

Healthy Holidays
Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes - Serve up new options for a fresh approach to healthy eating this Thanksgiving.
Your 500 Calorie Thanksgiving Feast
Can you indulge this Turkey Day without wrecking your diet? You bet! Our very own Chef Meg has created nine exclusive recipes that are big on taste and tradition but low in calories.
Thanksgiving Recipes Directory
Use this comprehensive roundup of recipes to give your guests a thoughtful, health-conscious meal, and use our cooking tips to keep your kitchen stress-free.

Hungry Girl

Ideal  Weight Loss Calculator

Macrnutrient Calculator


National Institutes of Health

List of diet plans: 

 Nutrition Facts for the 532 Restaurants


American Dietetic Association
Nutrition Fact sheets, recipes, daily nutrition tips, books and resources, and Registered Dietician locator
Calorie Control Council
This site is useful in finding calories and fat in foods by entering the food into the calories calculator. There is also an activity calculator and BMI calculator
Cooking Light
Recipes, menu-planning ideas, healthy cooking suggestions.
Farmer's Market - Kaiser locations
Locations to various Farmer's Markets at Kaiser locations throughout Southern California. Open to the public!
Farmer's Market - Downtown Riverside
Fresh fruits, vegetables, baked breads, and farm fresh eggs and potatoes.
Fruit Guys
Have fruit delivered to the office!
Fruits & Veggies Matter
Find easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables into your daily eating patterns.
Local Harvest
Use our website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies that are locally grown.
Mayo Clinic Food and Nutrition Center
The Food & Nutrition Center features the latest in nutrition research and comprehensive articles on eating well.
Meals Matter
This is a free online tool to help you achieve good health and balanced nutrition, sponsored by the Dairy Council of California. You can find recipes, exchange meal planning ideas with other professionals, and more.
MyPlate.govContains the latest news, background information, and resources about the food guidance system
US Department of Health and the US Department of Agriculture
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Information on various topics, such as transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle, vegan nutrition, and vegetarian children and links to several other recommended sites about vegetarianism.
World's Healthiest Food List
Food Lists, Recipes, Prep Tips, Resources and more!

Nutrition Handouts
Best Foods for Kids
Best Foods for Men
Best Foods for Women
Healthy Eating on a Budget
Healthy Eating on the Run
Eat Well - General Healthy Eating Tips to help you plan your daily meals!
55 Ways to do 5 a Day
Danger Signs of a Fad Diet
Fast Food Healthy Ways
Tip for Kids
Shopping for One or Two
Color Your Holidays Healthy
My Pyramid/Dietary Guidelines
Healthy Meal flyer
Healthy Choices at Starbucks
Healthy Diet, Healthy Skin
My Plate
Fruits and Vegetables - Making Healthy Choices
Sugar: How Sweet It Is

Link to Tips
What to Eat Before You Work Out
What to Eat After You Work Out

Prescription Drugs and Weight Gain

Recipe Calculator
Spark People -Free Diet Plans

Starvation Protection Plan

Special Diets
The Vegetarian Resource Group provides vegan recipes to suit every palate.
MyFoodAdvisor™ is a unique calorie and carbohydrate counting tool that can help with diabetes management and nutrition. Tracking what you eat can help manage your diabetes and in turn prevent the onset of complications. Learn about different types of food and make meal planning fun and easy with MyFoodAdvisor.
Stay Young at Heart with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Cooking the Heart Healthy Way. 
Cooking Naturally recipes: Macrobiotic, Vegetarian, Low Fat and Low Calorie. 
Terri Lykins, RD - Eat Wisely Plan


Vegetarian Nutrition
Information on vegetarian nutrition from the American Dietetic Association.
Vegetarian Resource Group
A comprehensive website for vegetarians and vegans with lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes, resource lists, tips for traveling and eating vegetarian, and nutrition information.
Thanksgiving Calorie Calculator
  Too Much on Her Plate Blog

Waste Hip Calculator

Weight Control Information Network

Weight Conversion Calculator

Weight Gain Calculator  

Weight Loss Calculaor

Weight Loss Calculaor  

Weight Management

Aim for a Healthy Weight
These guidelines from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute present a new approach for the assessment of overweight and obesity and a set of steps for safe and effective weight loss.
CDC - Healthy Weight
Healthy Weight - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.
The Daily Burn
Diet and Fitness tracking website
UC Irvine Weight Management Program
The UCI Weight Management Program is an HMR® Program. Health Management ResourcesTM (HMR) is the nation's leading provider of medically supervised weight management programs.
Web MD - Healthy Eating and Diet Center
Health and Diet Guide, diet plans, weight loss trends, Mens and Womens specific health sites, vitamins, cooking, exercise and more.
Weight Loss and Nutrition Myths
Tips provided by the Dept. of Health and the National Institute of Health
Welcoa: Which Diets are the Best?
Information on a number of credible and healthy ways to lose weight.
Workout Plans

Physical Activity

2008 Physical Activity Guidelines from the CDC
New guidelines for physical activity for optimal health benefits
ACSM New Guidelines on Quantity and Quality of Exercise - June 2011
The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has just released new recommendations on the quantity and quality of exercise for adults which reflects current scientific evidence on physical activity and includes recommendations on aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility.
Active Network
Information on various fitness events and promotions. Weekly newsletter from, the world's most comprehensive portal for athletes of all levels. Each issue highlights active insider exclusives-articles and feature stories, as well as great offers from sponsors.
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Offers health information, certifications and workshops.
American College of Sports Medicine
Health education, certification and research information
American Council on Exercise (ACE)
Includes ACE Fit Facts, recipes, exercise library, certification information and continuing education.
City of Riverside Activity Guide
Information from the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department
When you sit throughout the day, tension can build up; muscles become tight and joints stiff. It's a good idea to stretch periodically, and take a break every couple of hours to "desk"ercise.
Fitness United with Nutrition
Personal Training, Fitness, Weight Management, Yoga, Nutrition Counseling, and workshops and seminars located on the UCR campus.
Play It Again Sports
Resource for purchasing new and used fitness equipment.
Power Systems
Resource for purchasing fitness equipment
RacePlace Online
Fitness event calendars, registration information and entry forms for the local So. Cal area.
Runners' World
Information on training for a race, race locations, gear, injury prevention, nutrition and weight loss and motivation.
Running Center
Comprehensive resources for Runners, on-line and local stores, and training clubs, tips, and racing information.
SPRI products
Fitness products such as resistance bands, stability balls, mats, dumbbells, educational resources, and sports conditioning products. 20% for all UCR employees. - Official Site - Healthy, Effective Weight Loss

General Information

 American Society of Bariactric Physicians 

Bariatric Surgery Diet Suplements

Geisinger Weight Loss CenterGeisinger Medical Center Bariatric Program    Excellent free resources

Women's Health Obesity Fact sheet

Obesity Action Coalition

Obesity Fact Sheet 2010

Obesity Face Sheet 

National Institute Childhood Obesity Fact Sheets

Obesity Higher with Disabled Blogging, upload your photos, message boards, weight tracker.  Free    Non-profit organization that gives a voice to obese people Has info about all the types of surgeries    Colleen Cook web site; on Facebook etc; international support group list; life coach    General information site Barbara Thompson web site    American Diabetes Association     American Heart Association

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