Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prayer Request and Update

First, update on my husband Jim.  He returned from his mission trip to Tanzania last Monday evening; he is still trying to catch up on lost sleep.  He had a wonderful and blessed experience teaching 5th graders at the Lion of Judah Christian Academy along with other opportunities to serve this much needed ministry.  He also had time to tour the area and see the native animals in their natural habitat that we only see in a zoo or wildlife park.  In the next couple of weeks I hope to have Jim put together a video/photo display on my blog showing some of the highlights from his trip.  We truly are blessed to live in such a great and blessed country.  Thank you for your prayers.  They were greatly appreciated.  To know more about the Lion of Judah please visit their website.  

If I were a horse they would shoot me!

Over the past years I have been having problems with my knees.  I know, lose weight - easier said than done.  This past Tuesday I went to my primary care physician for a follow up appointment.  My doctor did not like the look of my legs and had me go “stat” to have an ultra sound to see if I have a blood clot.  Good news, no blood clot.  Later that night I stood up and I felt a pain so intense it felt as though I was hit in the knee with a bat! From that time on I have not been able to put any pressure/weight on my left leg.  Last Wednesday I saw an orthopedic doctor and had an x-ray.  He needs further testing to know for sure what is wrong with my knee. The x-ray does show possible fractures – old – and some other possible tissue damage.  I will have an MRI on November 30th and hopefully will find out what is wrong and if something can be done before my follow-up appointment with the orthopedic doc December 17th.  For now, until they know for sure what is wrong, I am to stay off my feet.  No weight bearing on my leg.  Not being able to hold myself up with crutches this means bed or chair, and wheelchair until further notice.  Since we have three steps to the bathroom and bedroom in our 35 foot 5th wheel travel trailer the doctor prescribed a bedside potty (fun and so lovely in our living quarters).  So for now my domain is sleeping on our pull out couch in our living room/ kitchen area with a potty between the table and recliner.  One way we can look at it is that the potty chair gives us one more place for someone to sit on – (with the lid down of course!)

I feel a bit claustrophobic sometimes along with a feeling of helplessness.  This experience is truly giving me greater compassion for those who are para or quadriplegic.  Not that I am going through anything near what they go through on a daily basis; but it is a humbling experience to rely upon others to care for ones’ most basic and personal needs.  I truly have an amazing husband!  I am blessed.

Pray that whatever is wrong can be fixed - soon.   I know that I have chronic illnesses that deteriorate bone and tissue, but I also know that the excess weight causes the deterioration to come faster.  The doctors say I am in a catch 22.   Between the illnesses, medicines, and my weight they all make it extremely difficult to lose even while dieting. I know that God is the Great Physician and nothing is impossible for Him!

Also, this may sound like a strange prayer request, but the ladies will understand.  Pray we can figure out how to wash my hair.  I cannot get into our shower (it is up the stairs) so for now I take sponge baths, but since I cannot stand on one foot longer than 30 seconds I cannot use the kitchen sink either.  Anyone have any suggestions?   I had one but it would be drastic – shave my head!  So help!  I don’t want to shave my head!  Ha-ha! 

As you can see, living with disabilities is always a challenge.  I guess I should be glad that I am not a lame horse or old dog – because I would have been “put out” of my misery long ago!  If I were a car I would have been traded in for a newer model.  Oh, maybe I should be careful and not give my husband any ideas!  Ha-ha! 

Thank you for your continued prayers.  


Kathy Obrecht said...

Can you send me your phone number again?

Have you tried the dry shampoo spray stuff? I haven't done so yet, although I want to see if it works.
You would still need to shampoo from time to time, I'm sure.

Kathy Obrecht

His grace is sufficient. said...

I am so sorry that you are going through this. I will be praying for you.
As for your washing your hair, have some one check at the drug store about one of those inflatable shampoo bowls. They are made for people who are bedridden. Of course someone else will be shampooing your hair for you but it is possible. This catches the water that they will pour over your hair. Your head will lay in this bowl. There is drain plug with a tube. If it needs to be draining you can catch it in a 5 gallon bucket.
This is what the CNAs used that took care of my husband's grandmother before she died.

Gerry Adams said...

Hi Michelle, has some of those bed shampooers which you can order. Check out this page:

bp said...

Looks like you got some ideas for washing your hair, I hope that works. I'm praying for you this week and hope it is a good week for you with Thanksgiving AND your birthday :)

Hugs to you! It's a blessing to "know" you.


Donetta said...

Loving you girl
so sorry the trial
May lessons gained equal the sufferings cost.