Monday, November 8, 2010

Prayer Request

Good news and bad news regarding our heater repair for our trailer.  Good news - after almost two weeks the motor for the heater finally arrived so the RV repair man was able to come today and fix our heater so no more space heaters!  They worked fine for the day time but for the night time it did get cold.

Bad news -  Motor was not all that was wrong, we also had a broken blower wheel (that's where all the noise came from).  I also had to have a light replaced over the sink (the switch was broken - but light on all the time!).  Also, the hot water heater switch  has been going off for months now, after trying to repair twice (at no charge), it must be the "mother board" going out which is very expensive.  So for now, this will have to wait until the Lord provides the funds.  For now I just have to have someone present when I take a shower in case the switch goes off and they have to turn the switch on so I don't run out of hot water while showering.  So much fun!  NOT!  ha-ha!

Good with Bad news - The total bill today was more than I have, but praise the Lord the repair man has known us since we have been back in PA so he took what I have and said to pay rest as I get it!  He then said when the "mother board" goes out he will replace that too and we can pay as we can.  Thank you Lord for this Christian man.

We ask that you pray the Lord will provide the funds needed for these repairs.

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