Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prayer Requests

Prayers for my family:

My husband Jim is on a "mission" trip Nov. 2nd through Nov. 15th at Lion of Judah Christian School, Tanzania, Africa.  For more info click here

Financial needs for our daughter Heather and family as well as Jim and I.

Our grandson Travis to have some Christian friendships and continue to grow in the Lord.

For our family to find a church home.

Michele, (me), needs to loose weight.  It is a difficult road especially considering my health.

My, (Michele), ongoing chronic health issues and chronic pain.

My mother's continued good health.  She is 87 years old.

Health issues:  My cousins Becky and Diane.

Needs Employment:  My cousin Luanne

Need Better Employment:  My son-in-law, Karl


Other prayer request:  From

Please pray for the Wallace and Potter family. Adam Potter was killed in a motorcycle accident last night. He leaves a wife and 19 month old child and another baby due in December. I knew the Wallace family many years ago and have reconnected through facebook (Charlotte) ~
Please pray for a little girl name Georgia (Renee posted about her) She is in need of prayers for heart concerns.
Pray for Ginger's mother-in-law, Vivian who had a bad fall last week. She is 81 years old~
John Nalley's testing has been scheduled for Nov. 9 & 18 and theywould appreciate everyone's prayers~
Pray for little Skyler who is valiantly fighting cancer. Here's his story: ~
Urgent prayer is needed for Baby Ezra Matthews (blog is ) ~
Pray for Michele's husband Jim who will be going to Tanzania in November. Click here to find more about it ~
Nichole and her husband are ready to try again to have a healthy baby after four miscarriages. Please pray for them and for them to be willing to accept whatever the outcome may be ~
Prayers for Donnie and her husband while they travel to Florida for the winter~
Pray for micey as she is in Haiti helping battle the cholera outbreak. ~
Pray for Loren as she is slowly recovering from surgery~
Please pray for Zane, who was electrocuted, and his wife Courtney
Will McCotter, is a young American soldier who is battling cancer. His family is asking for prayers. To read more information you can go to this link
Please pray for Mark, he lost his wife and twin infants, here is Leslie's story ~

Please continue to pray for Shirley's sister. She feel again and is having a hard time recovering, she has post polio.~
Ann has requested for Anna, a 5 year old girl at her church who is having surgery today (10/4) to remove a brain tumor ~
Pray for Shirley and her sister who had polio as children. As they are getting older they are again experiencing complications. Pray that Shirley's sister will come to Christ ~
Susan (Penless Writer)'s daughter Suzette was recently diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for Suzette and her family ~
Anne, please pray for her family to find a place to live they only have six weeks to find a place,and that they can find a home for their animals as well ~
Debbie suffers from seizures. Please pray for her~
Pray for Denise (Shorty Bear). Her glucose level is extremely high and can cause extreme problems, even death. This is very very urgent as are all of the requests ~
Nancy Morse's mother recovering from a fall~
Sandi for her health and her family~
Anne and her family, the military, Lois, Randy, Bea, Mike, Clayton, Gabe, Lance, Toby, Nick~
Renee~ she has pain all over because of Lyme Disease,please pray that the medication will help her with this pain~
Jo~for her daughter Susan and her family~
Yoli~for her aunt who has cancer~
Buddy~ To help him heal from the loss of his brother and from the separation with his wife~
Ron~for him to recover 100% from his cancer~
Colette~for her to recover 100% from her cancer~

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