Sunday, December 19, 2010

Prayer Update And Merry Christmas

I appreciate your much needed prayers regarding my chronic health and my current knee situation.  We found out I have had  multiple knee fractures on my left knee; torn ligaments; as well as severe chondromalacia patella with subchondral cyst formation in the posterior portion of the patella ( ) .  In short – I need a new knee.  Problem – I need to lose some weight first.  This will be most difficult but with God nothing is impossible.  I would appreciate your prayers regarding this as well as my multiple chronic health issues. In the mean time I am to continue to stay off the knee as much as possible and the doctor will see about getting my insurance to approve an injection medication called Synvisc One Hylan G-G 20.  In short it is a medication from the comb of the chicken to lubricate the knee.  Hopefully I won't do much crowing!  Ha- Ha!  

So our living arrangements continue with my sleeping in the living area of our travel travel, which takes up ALL our space.  

We are praying for more permanent and larger living arrangements for both Heather and family and us as well.  We each live in small travel trailers but we have all one truly needs – food, shelter, employment and most of all Love – for each other as well as the Author of Love Himself – Jesus Christ. 

As Christmas draws near may we not forget the true reason for the season.  That God sent His Perfect Gift in the human form of a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes to be born in a lowly manger, living 33 years on earth then dying on a cruel cross for our sins so that we – through faith can have eternal life by believing in is Precious Perfect Gift.  Our prayer for each of you is that you and your family have accepted this Perfect and Gracious Gift. We pray that this coming year will bring many blessings along your way and if you are ever near us here in Pennsylvania that you won’t hesitate to call and stop by for a visit.  


Sharon Brumfield said...

I saw this on FB and was going to leave a comment there but thought better to come here.
I didn't know ya'll were living in travel tailers....we live in one too. When God told us to move to NC we packed up our house-which is still in storage-and moved into a campground in NC. We have been here for two years..and although I did not think I would be living in a camper this long...we have all we need. And like you...Yes, I would love to be back in a house....but I am content to be where He wants us.
I do pray that God allows ya'll to settle in some place more permanent real soon.

Donetta said...

hay girl
Only use the synvix three injection yes more pain of injection but the out come is much better
Over the last three years I have done it every 8 months or so
The one injection is something I did not do until it was proven out
Now my surgeon said it was a good decision I did not
He is finding that the one injection is not getting very good relief.

It really helps me!
Love you
Merry Christmas.