Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick,Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Soup or Soup Mix in a Jar - Label:  Wishing you a "Souper" Holiday Season!

Apples and Hershey's Hugs in a decorative basket or bowl - Label:  A teacher can't live by apples alone.... she needs Hugs too!

Loaf of Bread - Labels:  For being there when you were "Kneaded".      Or, For "Rising" to the occasion, large or small.   Or, For never "loafing" on the job.   Or, For helping others to "Heel" with TLC.   Or, No matter how you "Slice it", you do a terrific job loving others,  Merry Christmas.

Jar of Homemade Jelly - Label:  Jelly is like love - you can't spread it around without getting some on yourself, Merry Christmas!

Yule Log - Label:  We send you warm greetings this Christmas Season.

Potpourri - Label:  May this sweet scent bring back thoughts of warm Christmases long ago, Merry Christmas!

Jar or bowl of Nuts - Label:  We're nuts about you!  Merry Christmas!

Hershey Hugs in a jar, bowl, mug=  Label:  A friend always knows when you need a little hug.  Merry Christmas!

Candles - Label:  May your days be happy, your heart be light, your Christmas merry and the New Year Bright!

Calendar - Label:  Keep Christmas in your heart the whole year through!

Sparkling Cider - Label:  Wishing you a Sparkling Holiday Season!

Popcorn or Carmel Corn - Label:  Just popping by with a Holiday Hit!

Fruit Basket - Label:  May your New Year be Festive and Fruitful!

Bubble Bath - Label:  May your holidays "Bubble" over with fun!

Cocoa Mix - Label:  Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas!

Cookie Dough - Label:  Here's a little extra "Dough" for Christmas!

Brownie Mix ( or any mix) - Label:   Whip up this mix for a wonderful holiday fix!  Wishing you a "rich" Holiday Season!  (be sure to attach the recipe)

Fudge - Label:  "Fudge a little on the calories and enjoy the Holiday Season.

Cheese Ball and Crackers - Label:  We don't mean to sound "Cheesy", we just hope you have a "Ball" this Holiday Season!

Homemade Chocolates - Label:  You're so sweet...having you as neighbors is really a treat!

A favorite holiday dish or treat with the recipe attached - Label:  Just like you friend.... it's tried and true, just for you.  Happy Holiday Baking!

Crayons and Coloring Book - Label:  Hope your Holidays are Colorful!

Plant - Label:  The kindness you show makes our friendship grow and grow!  Hope you have a Happy Holiday!

-Source Unknown

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bp said...

These are very cute ideas! Thanks for posting! God bless you, friend.